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Paul Begala Deserves to Be Homeless!

January 22, 2022

I need to clarify my title because many of my friends in private e-mail as well as Julie on my blog have objected to me saying that others deserve to be homeless. No one deserves to be homeless. However, we live in a system that has declared me unworthy of having the basics in spite of eight years of higher education including six years in undergraduate earning two majors and attempting a minor that didn’t work out, causing me to live 99 months in homeless shelters and to continue be dependent on the city government for the basics of existing. I also deal with constant social media trolling that flat-out lies regarding my efforts to obtain employment in order to fit their narrative that I’m somehow lazy and/or incompetent, and I’ve been told that I deserve to be homeless far more than once for refusing minimum wage employment that conflicts with the advice of a multitude of doctors.

When people like Paul Begala, who are likely set for life, share these imbecilic takes and are presumably well paid to do so despite their obvious incompetence, I do have a right to question their worthiness under the system and want to see parity. And yes, I’m well aware that some people (e.g. Candace Owens and pretty much anyone on PragerU) are deliberately paid to say stupid things to seduce the gullible, but I just can’t fathom this nonsensical strategy that clearly isn’t helping the Democratic Party in the polls. This is just another perfect example of the anti-meritocratic nature of the capitalist system.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Nobody deserves to be homeless. You ever sit and think maybe God is punishing you for wishing horrible things to happen to people all the time?

    • Are you fucking illiterate???

      “No one deserves to be homeless. … I do have a right to question their worthiness under the system and want to see parity.”

      I was raised in the Unity church. We don’t believe that shit.

      As someone who was homeless for 99 months through no fault of my own, I have every right to question an absence of justice.

  2. Reality Check permalink

    Okay continue to look like an asshole online

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