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An Action in Albany

January 12, 2022

I went up to Albany with Housing Justice for All to protest the evictions. We barricaded the doors on one side of the Capitol. Cops or security tried to come out, but couldn’t, but they didn’t bother with the other doors. We put two small U-hauls full of old furniture up there along with boxes with stencils of the governor’s face. I obviously didn’t do much of the heavy lifting. Despite only a dozen people on the bus, we had well over 50 people and probably at least 15 doing the civil disobedience. I did grab a table that was a cube on casters and shove it in the revolving door. Even with people linking arms in front of the door, no cops showed after an hour. It was so cold that people were hoping the arrest would be immediate. Then we carried a bunch of furniture into the street and blocked it. State troopers and Albany police set up roadblocks to protect us, but wouldn’t go anywhere near us, even with the civil disobedience team again linking arms and sitting in the crosswalk.

I think we came to the conclusion that they wanted us to freeze. I was definitely getting concerned about how my feet were holding up, and other people actually brought it up and said they noticed a lot of us were walking oddly. I had handwarmers but not foot warmers, and I was drumming a bucket, pulling my fingers out of the glove fingers so they could warm each other and moving around the hand warmer a lot when it didn’t get hot. The package has clear warnings that it can burn, which definitely made the drumming a challenge. As with a lot of advanced singers, drumming doesn’t come too easily for me other than to replicate the exact rhythm of my voice, but it felt like I was improving.

We protested for over two hours when the food came, so we left the furniture in the street, had lunch, and came back to NYC. One of the tables was extremely nice at one time. It was a small, round table with a stained glass flower design, but it was shedding broken glass, so it was no longer safe to use.

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