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It Is an Objective Fact that Facebook Is Run by Imbeciles Who Deserve to Be Homeless

January 6, 2022

According to Facebook, this post endorses a prohibited group. 30-Day Suspension, No one who agrees is competent enough to have a job.

  1. For once, Facebook admitted that they were wrong in suspending me.

  2. Janet A permalink

    Nobody deserves to be homeless, stop wishing horrible things happen to people and maybe something good will happen to you for once

    • If you actually followed my blog, you would know that I’m talking about parity. I’m not wishing homelessness on anyone. I just had to deal with eight years of lectures on why I deserved to be homeless for not being this or that when those comments made even less sense than those I made above..

  3. Reality Check permalink

    Hey fat ass, of stead of “researching” by only looking for facts that support your idiotic claims get off your ass and look for low impact exercises. Drink WATER it is CALORIE FREE and lose some damn weight. OINK OINK OINK porker. You know your lack of a job problem might be solved though, just record yourself being a glutton you can make some good money

  4. Reality Check permalink

    So you rather just sit there and let your body further deteriorate? Wow pathetic

  5. Reality Check permalink

    So if genes determine your weight more than your height doesnt that make you a bigoted piece of shit for calling fat women porkers and refusing to date them even though you are 300lbs yourself lard ass?

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