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Boomers Brag About Bullshit

December 17, 2021

Let’s say she graduated in 1975. That would be $3,874.74 adjusted for inflation. The average cost of public colleges in the United States is $9,970 for in-state tuition and $25,620 for out-of-state tuition, not including room and board. So basically she is bragging that her tuition was only a third of what is currently average. Unless you were able to get that rate now, that’s nothing to brag about. Boomers bragging about how easily they paid off their student loan debt have nothing to brag about, and Joe Biden is a scumbag for unconstitutionally making student loan debt not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

  1. Meth Mouth permalink

    You are practically a boomer you incel cuck

  2. Reality Check permalink

    You don’t qualify for disability because obesity is not a disability. Your problem is you think you are too good for minimum wage because you got a degree, a dated one at that. Millions of people are in the same boat. Living with roommates at dead end jobs because they cant afford rent on your own. You aren’t special because you decided to stay homeless because none of the jobs you qualify for pay a “living” wage. Stop being a martyr because no one looks at you with admiration. Only pity because a lot of problems are easy to solve, you just want shit handed to you and anyone else would agree. Get some sort of recent experience under your belt before belly aching that no one will hire you when someone with a more recent degree and more experience is more desirable in this current market

    • Hey imbecile, obesity is not my disability; it’s a side effect. I have scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica in both legs, and tendinosis in both feet. I’m not able to be on my feet for long periods without extreme pain and back spasms, and being in a vehicle for a long time causes highly distracting sciatica attacks, not to mention that I need to go to the bathroom frequently, which rules out driving jobs.

      Your argument is that I deserve to be physically tortured and risk my life in a low- or even minimum-wage job simply because businesses didn’t want to interview me when I graduated. All rational people disagree with you and think you’re one sick fuck.

    • Liberal arts majors read material that is often decades, if not centuries old. A fifteen year-old master’s degree in a liberal arts field is not dated at all. You’re thinking I had a major that was heavily dependent on technology. I didn’t. It was almost all theoretical and historical, writing papers and the like. The only hands-on course I had was actually an undergraduate class, and I was stymied because the lab director accidentally on purpose didn’t clear my film shoot with security (which was her job, not mine) knowing full well it was unlikely I could just get people who weren’t even from Staten Island to show the next day. If you don’t live in NYC, you don’t know people’s reluctance to travel to Staten Island. It’s hard enough to get people to Brooklyn, Queens, or The Bronx. It’s perceived as too far away, not to mention that the trains don’t go there, and the buses don’t come with the frequency of the other boroughs.

  3. Reality Check permalink

    Ouch did i strike a nerve tubby? Lose some weight and you’ll be amazed these “disabilities” would go away. Just ask anyone with two brain cells whether or not you should continue to mooch off the government or get a minimum wage job and roommates. The ladies just love a man in his 40s with no dating experience, no real life experience and the inability to support themselves. Best get you a geriatric, nearly blind sugar mama

    • Only a fucking imbecile believes that, shit for brains.

      “A herniated disc, for example, may not resume its proper place just because you lose some weight.”–Atlanta Spine Clinic.

      Anyone who thinks I should work a minimum wage job is a filthy, evil pervert who should be forced to pay my student loan debt. They should also be forced to work at Burger King and be randomly punched in the back over the flaming grill to simulate the back spasms that occur when I stand for long periods. If they fall and get third degree burns, it’s perfectly fine because it’s what they want to happen to me. The Golden Rule works both ways, you know.

  4. Reality Check permalink

    I dont live in my mothers basement, but my Parents would let me live there and my siblings. I atleast can pay their whole mortgage, how about you? How is your brother doing? Oh wait he doesnt want shit to do with you because you are a creep and doesnt trust you around his kids.

  5. Pattie S permalink

    Look, Scott likely has a cognitive disability or is possibly autistic. You are picking on someone who not only has documented physical disabilities but undiagnosed mental ones due to a lack of real health care in America for the poor. Stop picking on him and grow up

    • Pattie, I have neither a cognitive disability nor autism. Every time they transferred me to another shelter, I had to get another mental health evaluation because DHS was doctor-shopping rather than trying to actually help me get responses to my job applications. They always came up negative until they stood to profit from putting me in supportive housing.

      Thanks for telling off the others, though.

  6. Reality Check permalink

    The only problem this fuckwit has is he thinks he is entitled to things. He is entitled to Jack and Shit. His parents ruined him by coddling him because he was the baby versus making him earn shit because whenever they tried he threw a tantrum because he is LAZY this is before his so called disabilities. He has also been too lazy to do anything so if he has any it is because his not exercising or doing any sort of physical movements even in childhood caused his muscles to atrophy and his shitty diet ruined his bones. Honestly some people deserve to go hungry and he is it if he is too fucking stupid to use any of his current 200k to start a business, go back to school or do something productive other than being a leech on society. I am all for helping people who genuinely need it but he does not. Maybe if he goes hungry he will get off his gelatinous ass and get a job

    • I don’t know who the fuck you are, but you’re clearly a mentally deranged lying sack of shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re Jeremy K, though.

    • “i’M so StUPId i BelIevE thAt NOn-DIsaBleD peOPLe geT SURGERieS aND AnKLE BRACES pAID FoR BY MEDICAId EvEn IF tHEY’RE JUst lAzy HypOChoNDiACs.”

  7. Reality Check permalink

    It isnt that hard to figure out why someones family doesnt want shit to do with them. I mean you are 40 something man child who had been inappropriate with adult women it isnt a stretch to know you have been with children. Maybe stick with women in your age bracket. An obese man with fucked up teeth and disabilities cant be picky. Especially when he has no relationship experience and a complete and total inability to support himself. A disabled “porker” is just your match, make sure theyre an adult though

    • Your libelous ass is going to be in prison when I find you.

      • Scotty the Meth-Mouthed Tub-o-lard permalink

        Your dumbass can’t even fix a chair leg and you think you’re going to find that person?

        You’re not even the smartest person in the room when you’re alone.

      • Well, considering none of my friends know how to do it, either.

  8. Reality Check permalink

    Oh god, please. I wont do well in prison i’m so sorry 😦

    • All the more reason you should go, bigot. You’re probably a pedo, too.

      • Fat Fat the Water Rat Hutchins permalink

        “You’re probably a pedo, too”

        You trying to tell everybody something, Herbert?

        Maybe the authorities should take a look at your computer and phone. Wonder what they’d find?

      • You accused me first because you made it up.

      • Scott "My Blood Type is Lard" Hutchins permalink

        There you go again showing your stupidity.

        I can absolutely guarantee you there are, at least, two other people here besides you.

        But, by all means, please continue with you smooth brained takes. We are laughing!

      • You all sound the same. You’re a bunch of loser right-wingers who get off on punching down.

      • Fatty McButterpants Hutchins permalink

        Wait a minute, did you just unironically call someone else a loser? Oh hypocrisy, they name is Scotty Lardass Hutchins.

        I would suggest that you look in a mirror and see a real loser, but your Narcissistic Personality Disorder would NEVER let you acknowledge the fact.

        GTFO with your progressive stack bullshit. The fact is you are a privileged white male. You can never be punched down on and your “disabilities” scam doesn’t change that fact.

      • An idiot making an armchair diagnosis no mental health professional has ever found..

        No intelligent person would call a disabled homeless person “privileged.”

      • Lardass Hutchins permalink

        Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and the severity of symptoms vary. People with the disorder can:

        x Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance
        x Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration
        x Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
        x Exaggerate achievements and talents
        Be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
        x Believe they are superior and can only associate with equally special people
        x Monopolize conversations and belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior
        x Expect special favors and unquestioning compliance with their expectations
        Take advantage of others to get what they want
        Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
        x Be envious of others and believe others envy them
        x Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious
        Insist on having the best of everything — for instance, the best car or office

        At the same time, people with narcissistic personality disorder have trouble handling anything they perceive as criticism, and they can:

        x Become impatient or angry when they don’t receive special treatment
        x Have significant interpersonal problems and easily feel slighted
        x React with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make themselves appear superior
        x Have difficulty regulating emotions and behavior
        Experience major problems dealing with stress and adapting to change
        Feel depressed and moody because they fall short of perfection
        Have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation

        Just observing your childish behavior on this blog one can see you meet more than a few of the signs of NPD.

        Cry more, Jabba.

      • Bullshit! It sounds more like the people coming onto my page to harass me.

      • You sound like Riley Ramsey.

  9. butter teeth mcgee permalink

    Stop picking on Scott he has had a hard life, had two working parents who supported him most of his life up until their deaths and both left him a sizeable amount of money. What was it 50k from Dad and 250k from Mom? Because of all this he hasnt ever had to work hard for anything and has developed a spoiled sense of entitlement and doesnt know how the real world works. He thinks by refusing to find a minimum wage call center or desk job and then making rants about how no one will hire him he is sticking it to the man. When he is really sticking it to himself. Atleast someone is getting stuck because lord knows he will never touch a woman in that way 😦 . Better go tag your local welfare department about how they are cruel for making your parents err you pay your own rent :(.

    • Scotty Fat Sajak Hutchins permalink

      Any woman who wouldn’t date this homeless, jobless, morbidly obese, narcissistic gimp and his nasty, jacked up teeth should be forced to pay for the repairs to his teeth.

      Funny thing though is that those disgusting teeth aren’t even the ugliest thing about that welfare queen.

      • What’s the ugliest thing, then? @FatSäjak What’s the ugliest thing about him?

    • I did not get $250k from Mom, you lying sack of shit. The claim that I’ve never worked hard is also a massive whopper. I had a minimum wage call center job in 2016-7, which ended in a a mass layoff 45 minutes into the work day.

      Also, the city put me in an apartment that costs $2,000 a month but capped my income at 250% of the federal poverty line until just before Thanksgiving. I then resumed looking for work when the income cap was raised to 80% of Area Median Income, which is about $66,000 a year. That way I’m not going to be kicked out as punishment for working. The voucher program was designed to fail, but organizations like VOCAL-NY and Neighbors Together have been fighting HRA tooth and nail to change that.

      It’s as though you think misreporting the facts somehow changes them.

    • I got $37k from dad and used it to pay four years of rent when no one was willing to interview me after I was ;laid off from an $8.50 an hour office job into the 2008 recession. Excuse me for not wanting to be forced into a similar situation with the inheritance from my mom. I’m not wrong.

      With $75k in student loan debt, I’m also not wring for thinking a minimum wage office time is an effective use of my time, and since most job postings don’t post the salary, I’ve probably applied for quite a few that haven’t responded, something you’re still too thick to understand.

    • “I am a dishonest lout who rounds WAY up the amount of money you got from your parents, and rounds WAY down the amount of jobs yo which you’ve applied. To me, 895 is closer to 0 than it is to 1,000, at least when you’re talking about the number of job applications.”

    • The law says that they cannot count my inheritance as income because there is in way to replenish it. It’s a real shame you have no ability to understand this. The only thing they can legally make you use a bequest on is criminal court fees, which I dom’t have.

    • “if bUsInESsSEs REfUsE tO IntERVIew yoU, iT’S tHE SAmE THinG aS you RefUsINg TO work.”

  10. Scott Has Man Titties permalink

    Oh so now the so called “intellectual” (love that description by the way, fabulous MUAH! doesn’t smell of mediocrity at all) who failed math is trying to instruct people on how to round numbers up and down?

    Shut your trifflin ass up and stop begging for people to buy you furniture online when you got money to do so. You are an entitled asshole if i’ve ever seen one. You know why that chair is breaking? It is suicidal, it is tired of smelling your filthy ass. That and well there is likely a weight limit, happens when you reach 300 + pounds buddy. Better find some low impact exercises.

    You have had more than enough handouts. There should be a welfare cap. Because you are the King of Welfare Queens, no…no the EMPEROR! All hail Emperor Scottavius Methor Mouthius Hutchins!

    • I’m obviously better and math than you if you round 37,000 to 50,000 and 3,895 to 3,000 to suit your purposes.

      You just want my money to run out when no one is responding to my job applications so that I become homeless again, scumbag,

      The chair issue has nothing to do with my weight. It has to do with the screw holes for two of the legs becoming too large. That seems to have happened while it was in storage. My TV was in it then.

  11. Pissy Teeth permalink

    Only absolute dumb asses live where they cant afford with no safety nets or family when they could relocate if they wanted

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