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Absolute Proof Twitter Is Guilty of Selective Enforcement

November 27, 2021

If Twitter allows Keith Olbermann to post smears calling people “whore” for debunking lies, they cannot possibly justify their deletion of my account.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Nobody cares to see your rants I cant wait until facebook permanently bans you. Then maybe you will actually better yourself

    • If you didn’t care you wouldn’t come look at what I write and post a nasty comment. You envy me, or you wouldn’t be here.

      • Realty Check permalink

        You are just entertainment, a lolcow if you will. Almost like Chris Chan but not quite there. All you need now is a blow up doll.

      • You are infantile, Villalocos.

  2. Scott is quite clever and good at documenting things. He just doesn’t have patience for the oligarchy and all their games… Plus a few bits of his spine sticking out and things like that doesn’t help… Like they say… but for the grace of G-d …

  3. Scott pisses his pants permalink


  4. Reality Check permalink

    Question, why block someone on Facebook then drop their page like you want someone to fight your battles for you? Why does the truth hurt you so? Nobody likes you and I guarantee your whole friendslist keeps you around to laugh at. Like “Geez, my life is rough but atleast im not a 46 year old virgin who cant keep a job and blames everyone but himself for his failures” phew I know i read your daily rants and know that im no where near the fuck up you are

  5. Reality Check permalink

    Rofl Listen Chris Chan, I aint whomever the fuck you think I am. God youre a piece of shit and I just find you entertaining. Carry on.

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