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I Spoke About Homelessness on a Panel

November 26, 2021

Optimum’s service is again atrocious. I called them eight times today alone, which they will probably deny, so it was hard for me to comment on a conversation I largely hadn’t heard, although I wasn’t the only one who was having the same problem.

I forgot to mention it, but I’ve seen a PSA that say one in five New Yorkers has mental illness, which makes it the same as the homeless population, in spite of media stereotypes. They keep bringing up Lyndon Larouche, which is no surprise because it’s Howard who got me onto the panel.

  1. Reality check permalink

    You are that one in five, sad because you wont ever better yourself and will die a bitter old man alone in his apartment. Whose body will be left unclaimed because nobody will notice

  2. Realty Check permalink

    Oh no! You got me! It stings! Buuuurns am I really? I who knows meth mouth, who really knows. You know constantly tagging companies is not going to get them to help you immediately. Get off your bulbous ass and go to offices.

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