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The Maid of Arran by L. Frank Baum now available!

November 14, 2021

An Irish Idyl in Five Acts by Louis F. Baum with songs written and composed by the author (1882), who also toured much of the eastern United States as a professional actor in this show’s leading role. Louis F. Baum was the then-pen name of celebrated author Lyman Frank Baum. While the play was performed regularly in the Syracuse area into the 1890s, it has never been published until now.

from Marcus Mebes, editor of Pumpernickel Pickle:

At long last–and after a day’s delay–I can officially announce the publication of THE MAID OF ARRAN. ARRAN is L. Frank Baum’s long-thought-lost play… but this here’s more than just the play. This is the COMPLETE Maid of Arran, which contains all sorts of material supplemental to the play: Playbills, Lobby Cards, Rare Photographs, Newspaper Reviews and Articles, Scandals, Drama Behind the Drama, History, and in-depth analyses of the play, the music, and even a Who’s Who of the actors and crew. This hefty volume, which measures approximately 8.5×11 with 269 pages, includes scholarly contributions by Robert A Baum, Angelica Shirley Carpenter, Ryan Bunch, Scott Andrew Hutchins, Éamon S. Green, Gita Dorothy Morena, Colin Ayres, John Fricke, and more. Gorgeous new cover art by Alejandro Garcia based on the original songbook cover. Alex also also provided new interior illustrations!

This volume includes L. Frank Baum and Maud Baum’s wedding invitation and license, their wedding photos, and so much more. To top it off, The Maid of Arran also presents one of THE most shocking Baumshells you’re likely to read in this lifetime! We present it factually and with ample citation, so that nothing can be taken out of context and improperly used. The Maid of Arran is available in three editions: Economy paperback (black and white), Color paperback, and Deluxe Color Hardcover.

Ordering information is below. I suggest checking for coupon codes, because they really do make a difference!


Color paperback:

Black and white paperback:

Here I am performing two of the songs (and mispronouncing Phadrig) in the Matilda Joslyn Gage Home on November 20, 2004, with Bill DeChand and Carlo Fiorletta:

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