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Instagram’s Selective Enforcement Is Depraved

November 13, 2021

I saw a post on Instagram recently proclaiming the CNN is the “Communist News Network.” I replied with “Thank you for admitting that you do not know what communism is.” The original poster responded with, “Thank you for admitting that you are a communist.” I responded with words to the effect of, “I challenge you to find an example of CNN supporting ownership of the means of production by the people who do the actual work.”

At this point, someone else stepped into the dialogue and made an ad hominem attack alleging that I don’t brush my teeth. I responded with words to the effect of “Hey, idiot, I brush my teeth multiple times a day, but my tooth enamel is permanently discolored by medication I was forced to take for an ear infection when I was a toddler.” Almost immediately, I got an alert that my account was suspended for 30 days. It gave me a message telling me that I would be able to appeal within 24 hours, This message lasted for the next several days. Finally today, my account appears to have been deleted completely.

As with my recent suspension from LinkedIn that thankfully lasted only a few days, I suspect my use of the word “idiot” triggered a bot to suspend me. It gave me another flash of the photograph that was the first thing I had posted that was used to accuse me of violating community guidelines: the parking meter around the corner from me that has “gayfag” scrawled on it. Merely showing that such graffiti existed was treated by Instagram’s mentally unstable censors as the same as if I had tagged the parking meter myself. When I showed the same parking meter where my campaign flyer had covered over the pejorative, but had been ripped off (except for the top and bottom) to reveal it, and I commented suggesting that my campaign was more offensive to the vandal than the pejorative, that was left alone, unless that was the photo they were showing me. I got only a brief glimpse of it before I got the message telling me to come back in 24 hours, whereas the first it let me have a good long look at.

Considering the rapidity of my suspension/deletion, it’s clear that, to Meta, it’s far worse to call someone an explicitly insulting term than to libel someone’s hygiene. To a rational person, the latter would be considered far worse, but they apparently do not have actual human beings policing the site, or if they do, those people’s morals and values are extremely warped.

I think Instagram should be forced to make restitution immediately. I could find nothing in their “Community Agreements” saying anything regarding immediate suspensions for the use of such common insults in an argument, which means that they have violated their terms of service in suspending me. If they don’t want me going ballistic on people who attack me over my teeth, they should pay for me to get braces and veneers. In a just world, they would be obligated to do so. They can certainly afford it.

When Instagram took over Kodak, it cost the city of Rochester 140,000 jobs. I didn’t mention it in my review of the book where I learned that, but as I recall from it, Instagram has a grand total of nine employees, which may have changed after it was sold to Facebook (the parent company now called Meta) three years later. With either Picture the Homeless or the VOCAL-NY Homelessness Union, I met with some people from Rochester talking about how the closure of Kodak caused homelessness in that city to skyrocket, and despite the New York State Constitution requiring that the government provide for the needy being upheld in many court cases to require New York City to provide municipal homeless shelters, that is not the situation in Rochester, where homeless shelters are predominantly stacks of mattresses in the basement of a church. (It’s true that Kodak continues to exist, but the number of employees is far lower.) Instagram may seem like a happy place to post photographs, but the reality is far grimmer, and its Nazi-like demand for order based solely on keywords that nevertheless does not prevent hostile ad hominem attacks. If my comment had been strictly “Idiot,” as was the case when I had to promise LinkedIn that I would obey their code of conduct before they allowed me to use my account again, they might have had some justification in suspending my account, but because I proceeded to correct false information in the sentences that followed, simply dismissing it as bullying or harassment is fundamentally dishonest, whereas the tweet alleging that I don’t brush my teeth is one that is nothing but bullying and harassment. I can’t prove that that message was allowed to stay, and Instagram may delete anything in reply to a deleted message, because I do not remember the usernames of the people who posted the original image, nor the username of the person who made the harassing comment to which I was responding.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Better watch out, facebook is going to get you next

  2. Scotty, AKA Fatty McButterpants permalink

    So let me get this straight, a corporation should pay to have your jacked up teeth fixed because you have the impulse control of a 2 year old?

    You have got to be one of the most entitled bellends on the internet.

    • If they’re going to allow others to insult me and punish me because I insult back, they have no morals or ethics whatsoever. Only someone with the reasoning capability of a two year-old would consider one OK and not the other.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re the one who got my account deleted and then posts elsewhere whining about how right-wingers are uniquely victimized on social media.

      • Scotty the entitled, orange toothed tubbo permalink

        Seethe, turd, seethe

      • Only someone infantile would call a person a turd.

      • Scotty is an entitled turd permalink

        Cry more, turd

      • Scotty is an entitled turd permalink

        Cry more, turd

      • Infantile nutcase!

      • Scotty, AKA Rub-a-Dub-Chub permalink

        Awwww, looks like Tubby needs a tissue.

        You’re gonna need a full box to dry up those waterworks, turd.

      • Fat Sajak permalink

        Hutchins the Hutt unironically calling someone else infantile.

        Now that’s funny!

      • Your behavior is infantile. Mine is not. It’s that simple.

      • Scotty's blood type is lard permalink

        That’s not how it works tubby. You don’t get to judge your own behavior.

        That’s like saying the police investigated the police and the police found that the police were blameless.

        Nice try though, you orange toothed hamplanet.

      • You should be forced to pay to have my teeth fixed, idiot. Put your money where your mouth is.

      • Scotty is a malignant narcissist permalink

        Dream on lardass.

        I didn’t work all these years building my business just to hand over money to a work-shy, bone-idle, entitled leech like you. You want that jacked up train wreck you call teeth fixed then get a job and pay for it.

        I’d sooner burn that money.

      • Please provide a detailed explanation how one can get a job for which one has not been allowed to interview.

      • Hardworking people don’t have time to punch down at the disabled.

      • My teeth may be ugly, but at least they’re healthy, I’ve never had to have any capped or removed.

      • Scotty the tone deaf tubolard permalink

        1. A simple google search on your name would bring a perspective employer here. Said employer would be treated to myriad outbursts, tantrums and shit talking of other people. More than enough reason for any employer to not want to even talk to an obvious malcontent like you. It’s 2021 it happens all the time. You want to flap your trap on social media and blogs don’t piss and moan when it comes back to bite you in your gigantic ass, fatso.

        2. Wrong again, tubby. It’s because I worked hard for years that I can now reap the rewards of the hard work. The main benefit is a business that practically runs itself leaving me plenty of time to body “disabled” professional victims like you, wideload.

        3. You are correct. You’re nasty teeth are ugly, but they are only a symptom. It is painfully obvious to anyone that reads any of your ridiculous screeds that not only are your teeth ugly, but you yourself are ugly all the way to the core.

      • You need to look in the mirror. You are describing yourself.

      • People have been harassing me about my teeth since grade school. That’s your maturity level. If you want to talk about it, you should pay for it.

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