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See New York City Campaign Finance Board lie, cheat, and steal.

November 1, 2021

I was never contacted about submitting either a video or a profile because the Green Party of the United States had our ballot access taken away, and all of this was done before the primary. Without ballot status, we had to run as independents and collect our signatures after the primary.

They then use that as an excuse to make me look negligent in providing the information. I even asked about doing it and was told it was too late. As it was, I wasn’t added to the official list of candidates on the CFB website until August 19, even though I filed all my paperwork correctly, which cost me both in terms of donations–I had would-be donors express concern that I wasn’t on the list–and street credit–I often suspected people thought I wasn’t a real candidate, even though I was listed on the Green Party website as soon as I filed.

Just another way the United States lacks free and fair elections.


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