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Instagram Censorship

October 23, 2021

Instagram has a thing for pre-censoring comments by preventing you from posting. Based on the most recent “Couldn’t post comment,” it’s now apparently flagging phrases that are contrary to its ideology:

@oliver_valois14 All value is created through labor. If you can’t find people willing to work for what you’re willing to pay, you have to raise wages, not throw temper tantrums. Learn economics.

In response to:

oliver_valois14 You aren’t entitled to anything more than what you’re contractually owed. Find a new job or negotiate better pay if you don’t like it. Labor isn’t the indicator of value. Learn economics 😂

On this post:

Owned by Facebook, like it, Instagram has no direct customer support, just FAQs, in order to get a rationale for a post’s rejection. This clearly does not violate stated Community Guidelines, leaving me only to surmise why it was censored as opposed to an official explanation.

  1. Tom permalink

    It is like all social media is coming after you and only you! Why is that?

    • Except that it’s not coming after only me, and you know it! Anyone who is not “centrist” (which is really being a capitalist hardliner without hating on minorities) regularly deals with censorship.

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