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LinkedIn Suspends Me for Calling Someone “Idiot” for Parroting what The Washington Post Called “Stupid”

October 22, 2021

A guy posted that liberal arts majors should all have become welders. I wouldn’t want to be a welder, and I’ve been paid more than welders at the top of their fields get paid, about $25 an hour. This is based on an idiotic statement Marco Rubio made a number years ago claiming that we need more welders than philosophers.

Here’s The Washington Post calling that “stupid”:

Here’s The Atlantic lampooning that idea:

Somehow I don’t think Valerie Strauss has been blacklisted from the premiere job networking site for calling Rubio stupid. This comes on the heels of a 30-day suspension for calling a troll in the Patriotic Millionaires group (which celebrates millionaires who support high taxes on the rich) an “idiot”:

This reminds me of the time my case manager at Eddie Harris insisted that she was being rational simply because she was being calm while she spouted irrational things that made no sense. With certain keywords flagged for censorship, one can Colin Powell the most outrageously repugnant things in collected, innocuous language that defies intellectual effort to denounce:

This is simply another tactic these sites use for spreading their insidious far-right narratives and defeating the far-left with milquetoast liberalism about “civility,” which they take to the extreme of calling “bullying” and “harassment,” especially when they go so far as to censor terms so commonly used in exasperation that even someone recognized as the most intelligent man in the world was allowed to do so on national television.

This is exactly what Twitter did when they said that it’s perfectly fine to say that innocent people deserve to be tortured, but permanently banning me for calling the person who said that “scum”:

And of course, both of these actions were taken with less than two weeks until the City Council election. It is bery hard for them to argue that these attacks on me are no politically motivated.

This is the same lesson I was taught every time I was paddled for using curse words when I was in elementary school:

“Ideas don’t matter. Words do. If you slip up and use the wrong word, you will be punished.”

And these are the same people who say that any liberal arts major is a “useless major.”

LinkedIn doesn’t care about the word “idiot” when its “Influencers” use it:

Finding cringe you want to respond to that way isn’t difficult, either:

(Ironically, Dinesh D’Souza has an English degree, and Charlie Kirk has a general studies degree, which means he got enough credits to graduate with no headway on a major to justify continuing.)

I support calls to make both Facebook and LinkedIn public utilities subject to the first amendment. It’s utter nonsense in the United States that private companies can be totalitarian in a nation that claims to be against totalitarianism.

  1. I’m not defending The Washington Post, just drawing a comparison:

  2. Logic permalink

    Maybe dont resort to name calling when arguing with someone?

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