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Nurikabe – A Japanese spirit

September 30, 2021

Blue Moa in Japan


Nurikabe – a Japanese Spirit (my version)

A large Japanese spirit that takes the shape of a wall that blocks your path at night; it has arms and legs, and eyes but no mouth. It protects Kitaro from harm. Gegege no Kitaro of the manga that Shigeru Mizuki created we are talking here, a story of Kitaro and the spirit world, with amusing side kicks like Nezumi Otoko/Rat Boy and Neko Musume/Cat Girl. It was made into an anime series for television. It is beloved by both Japanese children and adults. Shigeru Mizuki lets us peak into the world of Japanese spirits; he breathes life into their characters with no only their physical descriptions but by their habits and scales of scare-ability.


But recently a “new” form of nurikabe has come to light and it is in sharp contrast to what we have imagined up to now. According to…

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