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Republicans Are the Pro-Death Party

September 18, 2021

Republicans think they’re morally superior to to everyone else because they erroneously believe that they prevent killing babies, yet they spend all their time promoting policies that cause people to die as they always want war and always want to eliminate the food and medical benefits for the people they supposedly want to keep alive. COVID-19 has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that Republicans want to kill off anyone stupid enough to believe them while their vaccinated pundits on Fox News, One Americas News, and Newsmax all discourage people from getting vaccines and wearing masks in the name of “muh freedom.” The capitalist extremists are always about killing off the poorest among us, from whom they’ve already stolen the fruits of labor. It’s easier to get away with flooding the spectrum with misinformation than it is to send Pinkertons to murder the people who have earned your wealth once they are no longer useful.

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