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Laura Ingraham Wants Freedom for the Rich, Coercion for Everyone Else

September 11, 2021

Meritocracy is a lie. Laura Ingraham is paid by the ruling class to spread lies.

  1. Meth Mouth Scott permalink

    You are too lazy to formulate your own ideals or opinions about anything, no wonder you havent won any elections

    • You are too stupid to accomplish anything other than troll strangers’ blogs and post lies on them. I haven’t won any elections for the same reason no Green has won in this state or for any national office–not enough money to advertise on television.

    • The fact that I’ve written blog entries that are estimated at reads over 20 minutes proves what an imbecilic liar you are.

  2. Scott got banned from over five stores

  3. Meth Mouth permalink

    I’m honestly not surprised. I wish Instagram and Facebook would permaban him. It would be HILARIOUS.

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