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Harvard Business School Study Admits ATS Is Trash

September 9, 2021

I learned that personally on January 31, 2019 (correction: I first got this September 1, 2016, but it got taken down, so I had to request it again) when I learned that ATS (Applicant Tracking System) was telling employers that my most recent employer was DOTmed Business News in 2008, I had zero experience supervising others, declared my skill sets to be 19% legal, 14% information technology, and 67% other, and that my core competencies are in real estate, public health, medical sales, career development, and architecture, all lies which come from misreading and failure to understand the use of words in context, such as the nature of the businesses where I worked as opposed to what I actually did there. (I have no idea from where they got architecture.) No intelligent human being would interpret my resume this way, but the machines do because they don’t actually know how to read, so they behave like the functionally illiterate cretins who post obscene and harassing messages on my blog. For example, one of my first gigs after becoming homeless was a research gig for Best Real Estate Group. I am 100% in the right for including this on my resume, but ATS is 100% wrong for interpreting “real estate” as an important keyword to my resume. It is utterly ridiculous that I should have to omit the names of client companies so that my resume does not get misinterpreted. On the other hand, actual job titles, such as “Proofreader” is considered of only tertiary importance. In most cases, the work I did for any given company rarely had anything to do with what the company’s main focus is. It is objectively wrong to punish me for this fact. Two months ago, trolls harassed me for saying that ATS programmers should be forced to pay my student loan debt. The trolls made no compelling case that I should be held responsible for the inanities created by these programmers.

Granted, the study isn’t perfect, I noticed right off the claim that there were 1.2 unemployed persons per job opening, an absurd lie based on the U-3 number, which is based on the number of people actually receiving unemployment benefits. The more accurate calculation I have found is fewer than 0.007 openings per jobseeker., which shows the ludicrous extremity of the employers’ market despite the disingenuous whines from the business community about a labor shortage, which is largely in underpaid fields with high levels of physical labor, which are irrelevant to someone in my condition.

Link to the study:

Granted, in 2019, Chronicle of Higher Education questioned whether Harvard should have anything as anti-intellectual as a business school under its auspices, but that’s a footnote to the topic at hand.

When I learned what ATS was doing to my resume, someone on Twitter referred me to Rita’s Resumes on fiverr. She was a total scam artist who eventually took down her account after I complained. The person told me that she knew what she was doing, charged only $10 per resume, and got him a job. I had her do two different resumes, and they came back from her riddled with typos, each with a fancy word art design. Some of the typos I didn’t initially spot, and people made fun of me for using the resumes, although I used them for only a few days. That’s when I turned around and complained. She obfuscated, blamed the holidays, then took down her account. Fiverr said that they couldn’t help me get my money back if she no longer had an account, so that wasn’t much help.

I got the idea to sue the makers of ATS, but that’s a problem given that it’s a category of software that I would have to prove in each individual case. The report says that ATS is used by 99% of Fortune 500 companies and 75% of the 760 companies in the study. Most of my applications were with companies I had never heard of that posted on sites such as Indeed and CareerBuilder. Forbes‘s article on the topic rather pooh-poohed the results to talk about the importance of networking. Networking may be considered the best way to get a job, but no one would call it the fastest, and people often need jobs immediately, particularly when enduring mass layoffs such as those I experienced when temping at Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), where at least four of us were laid off with one day’s notice, or D.F. King Teleservices, where well over sixty people were laid off with no notice 45 minutes into the work day.

It’s true that some of my best gigs were obtained through networking, such as the project on which I’m currently working (for which my payment will be an undetermined percentage of sales on Lulu, which probably won’t be anything I can live on), or the two times I did editing work for RIP Medical Debt, but of course, those are gigs, expected to end when the task is completed. I also got one of my worst positions through networking, the one with Maruti Transit/69 Productions/Darkframes, where Raj Amit Kumar, one of my fellow students in the graduate film program at the College of Staten Island was clearly exploiting my services and felt that a salaried worker should be on-call 24/7 even for a probationary wage of $18,000. He also expected me to do physical labor when he knew that I had significant physical challenges and outright lied when he said I would be doing only 1-2 hours of office administrative work per day. An attorney in Jacksonville, where I had to move for the job, told me that I would have a strong case against him if this were backed up with paperwork, but unfortunately, Kumar caught me at a point of desperation, being in housing court, and I had very little paperwork or clear contracts for which I might have asked had I been in a more stable situation. As it was, I was easy prey for capitalist thieves, and wasn’t expecting someone who seemed to respect me in graduate school to be a crook.

This is why I argue that my homelessness is the fault of others, be they lazy HR people, exploitative capitalists, or incompetent career development people who don’t know how to write a resume that works and pretend that mine is fine, and that it must be my interview skills are the problem when 0.8472400513478818% of my job applications even result in an interview.

  1. Scott is a failure permalink

    You are so good and blaming others for your failures. You could make a career out of that

    • Unless my job is to teach them, other peoples’ inability to understand what they read is not a failure on my part, and only an irrational moron would say that it is. Anyone who would see real estate as a more important aspect of my resume than writing, editing, and proofreading is a failure at basic reading comprehension just like you. Your insistence on blaming the victim rather than the perpetrator is endemic of the irrational evil in everything that you say to me.

    • And yet you’ve failed to supply any evidence that the fault does not lie with them.

  2. Meth mouth man titty Scott permalink

    Blah blah blah word garbage

    Hey meth mouth, I wrote my own resume and got a job as plenty of others have the problem is you reak of being an entitled know it all fuck wit

  3. Pissy teeth permalink

    Sure I am, sure I am. Atleast my mother would let me live in her basement unlike yours 🙂 or your brother….or any relative. 🙂

    • Considering that my parents moved away from where they grew up long before I was born so that I don’t know most of my relatives, that’s hardly my fault.

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