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Why 100% of Rational People want Jeff Bezos in Prison

August 28, 2021

Capitalism is evil. Boycott Amazon and any company that emulates them. Jeff Bezos has never earned a penny in his life, but simply steals the fruits of others’ labor.

  1. Scott is lazy and jealous of success permalink

    Do you have any original thoughts or do you just post youtube videos? I think you should be in jail for welfare fraud to be honest 🤷🏽‍♀️.

    • You say that because you’re an idiot who doesn’t know the law, which says that a bequest doesn’t count as income because it’s not replenishable. Obviously, more intelligent people than you make the laws. Only someone who belongs in prison would say, “So what if you lost your inheritance when your father died to rent when you couldn’t get a steady job that would pay enough to cover NYC rent. You should be forced to do it again now that your mother died.”

  2. Lazy Boy Scott permalink

    Actually you should be forced because going on welfare should be a last resort and nothing to live on forever like you are determined to do while you horde shit in your apartment and complain about movers that moved you in a year ago.

    • You say that because you’re a sick fuck who wants me to be destitute at fifty when it will be even harder for me to get a job..

      The movers did a shit job that created a domino effect.

    • Basically, you’re saying I should be forced to use my money stupidly, then you will blame me for the result of that stupidity. It is clear that you have a diseased mind and need to be institutionalized.

    • Going on welfare *was* a last resort. It was the last thing I wanted to do after I finished graduate school, but considering that I was in the emergency room for my back two weeks after graduation, I didn’t have much of a choice. My dad said he wouldn’t help me pay for the apartment if I didn’t, even though the program forced me to work 35 hours a week for $45 a month at a point when I needed painkillers to be able to sit in a chair and chronic tendinosis, which didn’t respond to Vicodin, made standing excruciatingly painful and unsustainable for the duration of a shift. It took months of pro bono chiropractic treatments to get the pain down to a manageable level so that I could sit in a chair without taking potentially addicting drugs. The tendinosis didn’t get a proper diagnosis until February 2020, and years of orthotics have changed nothing.

  3. Scott is a fat porky loser permalink

    I mean you are pretty much there now. You are so good at writing excuses as to why you dont try to better your circumstances at all.

    • I’ve been trying for twenty years, you dumb fuck!

    • If you had actually read my blog, you would know you are lying about me, and that I stopped my job search only as a direct result of the income cliff contained in the housing voucher program, and I actually didn’t stop looking for work entirely. I applied for a part-time job at Neighbors Together that wouldn’t put me over the $25,760 maximum. I also applied for some proofreading jobs with a well known company. I heard nothing, but eventually found out from the job site that there were over 930 applicants for it. I also attempted to get into a training fellowship with a $20,000 living stipend, but I was not among the six selected out of the over 200 applicants for that.

  4. Scotts breath smells like ASS permalink

    Did i strike a nerve popcorn teeth? Lmao i must have. It doesnt take 20 years to find a full time job.

    • Meth Mouth Scotty permalink

      OMG that mouth is like something out of a horror movie. Of course Tubby tries to guilt women into dating him. The fact is that no self respecting women would let that mouth any where near them.

      • Only depraved and stupid people agree with you. Only a bigoted scumbag would discriminate against me over my teeth. Only an extremely evil person would say that no woman should date a man because of a side effect medication he was forced to take for an ear infection when he was a toddler.

    • Except that it does, idiot.

    • Only a stupid person would say that 3,895 job applications yielding fewer than 33 legitimate interviews is lack of effort.

      • Meth Mouth Bum permalink

        3895 applications over 20 years isnt impressive. You should be spending 8 hours a day finding a job until you have one it is that simple pissy teeth. But what do I know. I only have had several full time jobs after college 🤔

      • Now you’re just flat-out lying. As I said, that was over the eight years of homelessness alone, during portions of which I worked full time and had no way to search for a better job.

        And I’ve never used meth, you imbecile. Doctors know what it’s from, and it’s not meth. You just take pride in wallowing in ignorance and making yourself look stupid as fuck.

    • One of the major One of the major reasons I’m not getting interviewed, and you’ve been told this before, is that ATS misrepresents my resume to employers, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. I even paid someone who was highly recommended, but she spent all her time on WordArt, and the textual content was a mess full of grammar and punctuation errors. Even when I fixed those, I was still being told that ATS was interpreting DOTmed, where I worked in 2007-8, as my most recent employment. Excuse me for not knowing how to trick software I don’t even have into not lying about me.

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