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This Will Make 100% of Rational People Say “Fuck the Police!”

August 24, 2021

When Eric Garner was murdered, I had recently, in the wake of the murders of Trayvon Martin, Ramarley Graham, and Michael Brown, come up with the slogan, “Cop killers are heroes!” that I wanted to be a shift from the Overton window of the knee-jerk idiocy of “cops are heroes.” Posted on Twitter, this had three NYPD detectives at my door in the homeless shelter where I was living at the time, and the Dallas Police Department got my account suspended even though I’ve never been to Dallas. The detectives, whom I let in only under the coercion of the shelter staff, as it was a shelter with private rooms, where they illegally snapped photos of me in my bathrobe, as I’d been about to go across the hall for a shower. To make clear I was being arch rather than trying to incite anyone to violence, I modified it to “Cop killers, rather than cops, ought to be regarded as heroes.” I lost my blue check Twitter account (I was running for Carolyn Maloney’s House seat at the time) for other reasons officially but wonder if this had something to do with it given how lame their official excuse was–calling someone who called for me to be tortured “scum,” “imbecile,” and moron.”

Perhaps I did have the right idea the first time, at least if the cops have gang markings and the like because this behavior is clearly being encouraged by the departments. At least we gave a journalist risking her life to protect us so we can be better than the cops and not use violence. It’s legal to resist an unlawful arrest (Jackson Plummer v. State of Indiana; John Bad Elk v. United States of America) but very hard to get away with in court, but self-defense against cops is not dealt with well at this point in our society, and usually ends with a dead suspect. One thing I never want to hear again until these gang are rooted out and destroyed is any whining about it being “open season on cops.” It’s hard to have any sympathy for cops alleging that they fear for their lives as long as these murderous white supremacist gangs are being encouraged.

  1. Scott is barely a man permalink

    Shut up titties because you look like you call the cops if someone looks at you funny.

  2. Scotty has no life permalink

    Okay so next time someone threatens you make sure to use those flabby arms of yours to defend yourself. Enjoy your facebook suspension btw I felt it was time to report a post

  3. Well, we know who is scumsucking filth and collects money from the ;abor of others.

    • Scotty the tubby leech permalink

      Oh, you mean like tubby meth mouths that have been leeching off of the labor of others by stealing their tax money for over a decade?

      • I’m not stealing anything, and I’ve never used meth, you libelous sack of shit. One day I’ll find you, and you’ll be forced to pay through the nose for your libel.

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