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Julio Gonzalez, World’s Whiniest Person

August 19, 2021
  1. Scott wears diapers permalink

    Scott you are the biggest entitled cry baby on the planet you are one to point fingers.

  2. Scott is lazy and entitled permalink

    Since you hold such distain for the social services you leech off of. Look! They are hiring. Go apply! The government is severely understaffed and could use your genius behind a desk fatty

    • See above comment, bootlicking simp.

    • The CityFHEPS program is designed to punish people for working by putting people in apartments they could never afford without the program, then put them back into the shelter system as soon as they get a job because the income cap is so low that it’s below minimum wage at full time, They did this knowing that thousands of people living in homeless shelters are employed.

      They are counting on most of the people in the program not realizing the case and continuing to look for work.

  3. Scott is pathetic permalink

    Like i said. Apply to work for them since you can do a better job, or shut the fuck up you lazy fat sack of shit all you do is bitch about your phone FREE, welfare FREE, Apartment FREE! All paid for by the government you despise. Guess what? You arent getting an iphone 12 paid for by the government nor a 2 bedroom apartment nor unlimited stamps. Suck it up and get a job you whiney pathetic virgin he bitch. What they dont get paid enough for you to apply? Then stop being a dick to the employees. Get up at a reasonable hour and waddle your ass down there

    • So basically, you’re telling me that you think I should work for a wage that forces me to live in a homeless shelter. You are pro-slavery garbage, Filth like you belong in prison just like Julio Gonzalez.

    • I’m not sure what part of losing my apartment if I make more than $25,760 (which is below the local minimum wage) you don’t understand. Look into the CityFHEPS rules if you don’t believe me.

    • After enduring eight years and three months in the shelter system and 3,862 refusals to interview me for a job over that period of time, I deserve my student loan debt expunged and anything I want handed to me on a silver platter,

  4. Realty check permalink

    You dont deserve shit because you are lazy! LAZY applying for one job a day over 8 years isnt shit. You dont get jobs because you are an egotistical fat ass. Lmao genius? Really? Then how is it that people you deem dumber than you have a job? People you verbally abuse? How? HOW? All that crap in your apartment is going to fall on you one day and no one will find you until you start to rot, sad ending to an even sadder life

  5. Obese Scott clearly has enough funds food food and his comic books

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