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NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, Pro-Genocide “Progressive”

July 22, 2021

Warren Wilhelm, Jr., alias Bill De Blasio, serving his last year as New York City Mayor, who already demonstrated his support for genocide of people he considers undesirable by forcing the shelter homeless population back into already unsafe congregate shelters as delta and lambda variants of COVID-19 are on their way to a demographic only 14% vaccinated (I personally received my second dose on July 8 and am considered fully vaccinated as of today), announced his support for the internationally illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories by boycotting Ben & Jerry’s for ending sales in those territories.

The mayor’s asinine comment: “You cannot have peace if you undermine the economic reality and create division. I just believe it’s the absolute wrong approach and I don’t think Ben & Jerry’s should be doing that.”

It was Israel who attacked al-Aqsa Masjid and forcibly expelled Palestinians from their homes, resulting in a launch of rockets from Gaza, the majority of which were deflected by Iron Dome. Israel then proceeded to massacre hundreds of Palestinians, including about seventy children, by bombing the Gaza strip, a largely defenseless population whose rockets are little more than bottle rockets. In no way can Israel rationally be considered to be defending itself under the circumstances when they strike first, then massively retaliate with the world’s fifth largest army backed by the world’s largest army. It was also Israel, not Palestine, that violated the ceasefire agreement. This included an attack on a media building in which they alleged that Hamas was storing weapons. Israel claimed that they provided “smoking gun evidence” to Zionist U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who said that he had not seen any evidence , clearly code for the evidence not actually existing but not wanting to admit it.

Israel’s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, who is even more racist than Benjamin Netanyahu, who is still in the Knesset but no longer prime minister and embarrassed himself by sitting in the prime minister’s chair when he no longer was, declared the brand “anti-Semitic ice cream,” an imbecilic response for a company founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, both Jewish, and whose upbringing made them conscious of the plight of marginalized people such as the Palestinians.

The mainstream media is failing in its job as the fourth estate by kowtowing to such far-right conservatism from De Blasio and Bennett as demonstrated in the uncritical response to their support for Israel’s continued violation of international law and genocide of the Palestinian people.

  1. Cat Women permalink

    “You cannot have peace if you undermine the economic reality and create division. I just believe it’s the absolute wrong approach and I don’t think Ben & Jerry’s should be doing that.” – DeBlasio

    What he means by “economic reality” isn’t very clear. Reality is a shifting thing. To “undermine” it would be to try to constrain it and force it into unnatural shapes using instruments like “interest rates” or “policies” and “regulations”, “predictive” decision making, arbitrary price and “value” determination, fractional reserve banking…. and much much more. So WTF does he mean by “undermine the economic reality”? Everything in our globalized techno-economic complex is in lock-step with a systematized undermining of Economy which is meant to grow like a jungle. Ben and Jerry just retreated back into that jungle. Ron Paul knows what that jungle is: I’ve heard him refer to the thriving transactions of the black market as the “real economy”. Wild, unhindered, competitive, diverse, with endless choices and liberty when free to grow.

    But he lays all of this on top of “and create division”. Create division. Division between whom, I wonder.

    • road rat permalink

      What r u stoopid. Ben n Jerry didn’t go into *that* jungle ye moron. You don’t need to sling ice cream on the streets.

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