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The Call to Shut Down NAICA Bronx Park Avenue

July 12, 2021

As long-time readers of this blog know, I lived at Neighborhood Alliance on Intercultural Affairs (NAICA) Bronx Park Avenue Transitional Housing Facility, 3339 Park Avenue, in the Melrose neighborhood of the South Bronx, from November 10, 2013 to November 18, 2014. Despite being a state-of-the-art facility in the façade of an old triangular courthouse with central air conditioning (that was run only when the staff were in during business hours) and restrooms with open space bigger than my apartment opened in 2012, in terms of how residents were treated by staff, it was one of my worst experiences in the shelter system, resulting in blog posts such as “Laundry Rights” and “Tuesday Psychological Torture.” DHS was no help either, as Paul Jardine, who showed up decked out in jewelry and an all-black suit looking like a mafioso, couldn’t understand the difference between wanting access to the resident laundry facilities on weekday evenings as well as weekends because the machines would get booked up and the sign-in sheet ignored and wanting my laundry done for me, and a scumbag case manager named Luisitio Medina who sent me to a three-quarter house with bunk beds, no security for personal property, no laundry facilities, expecting me to pay them, and ultimately turning me away for not being in a substance abuse program (which they wanted because of funding), which resulted in Medina threatening me with a one-year suspension from the shelter system when I had done absolutely nothing wrong except supposedly “refuse” “permanent housing.” He even bragged to me that as a shelter, they were untouchable because they always get 100% ratings in the Callahan Inspection.

Without a health pass or a pass for working at night, we were not allowed to be in the building between 8 AM and 5 PM except in cold and hot weather emergencies, we were not allowed to have corded electric shavers, and even battery-operated ones had to be kept at the security desk, which was the only place we were allowed to charge are phones, which were of course an imperative with regard to obtaining employment. The sockets in the rooms were disabled. The stated reason was a fire hazard, ludicrous for a 2012 building, but the real reason was because they wanted to pocket the city funding for electricity.

Yesterday, I attended the march for homeless rights on Gracie Mansion. Shams Da Homeless Hero said that Mayor Bill De Blasio (real name: Warren Wilhelm, Jr.) had agreed to a meeting with City Council Member Helen Rosenthal regarding his racist attempt to remove homeless men from the Lucerne Hotel on the Upper West Side, considering it “unacceptable” for homeless people to be in that wealthy neighborhood. De Blasio canceled the meeting when she appeared accompanied by Shams, stating that people affected by the decisions that he makes do not have a right to question them. The self-described “progressive” proves with that statement that he is on the Trumpist fringes of the extreme right, a statement that Shams has cited in a lawsuit against the city. The principal aim of the march was to accuse Kaiser Wilhomeless of reckless endangerment (I would say “attempted murder,” but organizers must have deemed that too extreme) in transferring the homeless currently in hotels back to congregate shelters that were dangerous before the pandemic. With new variants emerging, the COVID-19 pandemic that was the impetus for putting people from shelters into hotel settings, a 14% vaccination rate among shelter residents, and FEMA having paid for the hotels at least through September, Bill De Nazio has no valid reason for returning homeless people to shelters that were unsafe before the pandemic, although he may have a lot of invalid reasons, such as giving money to his cronies like Christine Quinn or an outright desire to kill the poor. Wilhelm is also insisting upon a six-month implementation delay of the recently passed but gutted Intro 146 when the normal implementation for such a bill is three months, and because this is an emergency, any rational, ethical person would want the bill’s implementation expedited. DeNazio is term-limited out, so he doesn’t care. He knows that his legacy is going to suck, so he seems to want to run it into the ground with his true feelings for the poor and people of color apart from the wife and son he trotted out to get elected. People were voting for Dante.

At the action, I was given this flier showing that there is finally a call to shut the shelter down, as conditions have worsened in the extreme. I urge my readers to follow the instructions on the flier to contact DHS to get NAICA out of the homeless shelter business.

  1. James V permalink

    You think the government should just give you an apartment? Do what the rest of us do: stop compalining, stop being a baby and get a damn job!

  2. So, get a job. Pay your rent and can get SNAP and other welfare benefits to afford food. Stop spending all your money on comic books and movies.

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