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The Ownership Class Is Selfish AF

June 22, 2021

Obviously, that’s a huge generalization, but that’s what statistics show….

  1. Scotty's Victim Complex permalink

    “The Ownership Class Is Selfish AF”

    Typical attitude of an envious, degenerate, bottom-feeding manbaby who owns nothing.

  2. Scott likes being homeless permalink

    Hey you could own something if you got off your ass and got a job. You know like the average person. Before you whine about rent, suppliment your bills with that 200+k you got chilling like a logical person. Otherwise quit your bitching.

    • Please provide a detailed explanation of how one obtains a job for which one has not been allowed to interview.

      Also, assholes like you mocked me for using my inheritance on rent when my dad passed away, and I couldn’t find a job. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • Scotty the Manbaby permalink

      I think Scotty should add “allergic to work” to his list of “ailments”.

  3. Scotty Pissy Feet permalink

    Translation: i enjoy spending my free time reading comic books and digging in bargain bins for movies to review and I cant be bothered to put in any real effort to find a job…because capitalism is mean and didnt let me mediocre ass with a useless degree gain employment right away

    • Translation: You’re too functionally illiterate to understand the blog you’re posting on, so you throw temper tantrums denying facts.

  4. permalink

    Do you have any actual friends?

    • Yes, but they don’t post here.

      • adfad permalink

        I highly doubt that. When is the last time you met up with a friend. Not some group you are part of, but an actual individual friend?

  5. permalink

    Back in the day, mentally ill peopel didn’t have access to internet like this. They were put in institutions where they got care and insturction they needed.

  6. If you think 130/job applications yielding one interview is evidence of mental illness, it’s clear you belong locked in a mental institution.

    • Scott is a good guy permalink

      Scott how do you suppose millions of other people, facing the same constraints as you, have succeeded in finding work where they can sit at a desk, and make enough money to take care of themselves instead of relying on charity or the state to manage their lives?

      • 203609 permalink

        Scott is too busy buying comic books

      • Considering not one person has been able to fix my resume so that it gets responses, blaming me is ludicrous. The professionals always advise me to practice interviewing more because they don’t see anything wrong with my resume. That tells you right there that they’re incompetent and likely got their job through cronyism because the solution to rarely being contacted for Jon interviews cannot possibly be improved interview skills.

  7. Because their work history isn’t mangled as badly by ATS

  8. Considering not one person has been able to fix my resume so that it gets responses, blaming me is ludicrous. The professionals always advise me to practice interviewing more because they don’t see anything wrong with my resume. That tells you right there that they’re incompetent and likely got their job through cronyism because the solution to rarely being contacted for Jon interviews cannot possibly be improved interview skills.

    • Scott permalink

      Major cope vibes.

      Not everyone who get a damn low level desk job has a “crony” network Scott. But why don’t you develop one? Sounds like you need to hustle a little bit.

      Spend a few bucks on a haircut and a suit of clothes that fit. Join Toastmasters or the Rotary and learn how to put people at ease instead of freaking them out.

      • James v permalink

        No. Scott is perfect. It is society and everyone else that needs to change!

      • Another idiot who thinks working on interview skills will cause greater responses to my job applications. Interview skills are all well and good, but if you’re not contacted to go on the interview, thinking that’s the culprit is imbecilic.

  9. Scott is lazy permalink

    How do you suppose people without resumes or with resumes that dont look as formatted as yours get jobs? Those who also have no networking skills. Could it be effort? Applying until they get a job even after tons of rejections? Nah makes too much sense

  10. 46246 permalink

    Isn’t it funny that illegal immigrants who can’t speak english can get jobs and work and provide for themselves and scott can’t ???

  11. Oink Oink Scotty permalink

    Seeing as you post all your info down to your last bowel movement online, i’d say a hell of a lot porky

  12. John Cooper permalink

    Scott is what psychology refers to as a “virgin with rage”

    • Scotty the Incel permalink

      Scotty is not a virgin voluntarily.

      Can you picture the sort of mental defective that would willingly allow Scotty to lay hands on her? Not sure even Patty the Daytime Hooker would allow that creep to touch her.

      • You’re clearly a mental defective because you feel the need to attack the physically disabled down to denying without any evidence the authenticity of their medical records.

  13. You are a pathological liar. You think someone who became homeless from lack of responses to job applications is “privileged,” which proves that you’re an idiot. I applied to well over 3,000 jobs during the period of my homelessness and went on 32 interviews, some of which were the entry-level marketing scam and the sell insurance at your own expense from your home office scam. I had eight finite gigs while I was homeless, some of which paid local minimum wage. Get the fuck out of here with your lies.

  14. Scotty pee pee permalink

    So you are saying since you were 18 you’ve applied on average to 9 jobs a month? Woooooow no wonder you can’t find a job. 8 permanent jobs in total and you are 45, sad really. You got no hopes of having a decent retirement

    • My God, you’re a pathological liar. If you weren’t such a useless, illiterate fuck, you would see that I was homeless from May 25, 2012 to August 25, 2020. The 3,000+ job applications refers to that period alone, you lying sack of shit!

      • adlfkj permalink

        YOu should go into a pysch word where they can learn you how to behave and function in society

      • Says someone serving time in a Norwegian prison for child rape…

      • Porky Pig permalink

        Um 27 job applications a month isnt impressive either bucko, you should be applying for jobs atleast 4 hours a day, if you dont have a job it is your job to get one unless you are actually disabled. Not a porker man baby 🍼

      • You obviously haven’t looked for work and seen the same fucking job postings day after day. It’s pointless to apply for the same job multiple times a day, especially when you know that so many potential employers are going to be looking at your resume with a software that has effectively ripped your resume to shreds and pasted it back together like a ransom note.

        Of course, you’re too stupid to think about things like that because you’ve had everything handed to you in life, so you punch down and love your tax money being used to enrich the wealthiest people on earth like Bezos’s recent free $10 billion.

  15. Mayo tears permalink

    Lolololol everything handed to me in life. I come from a single parent home, never stayed in one house longer than two years growing up, i’ve been homeless multiple times. But I didnt blame capitalism. I got off my ass :). Put please tell me how you grew up with two parents, went to college, got left money after said passed/sold homes and your life is so hard. 😦 all because you dont know how to put effort into anything other than collecting old movies and comics

  16. You’re ableist as fuck and super-privileged, especially considering your simpleton mind thought I could continue my job search while I was employed with my work hours plus commute overlapping entirely with when I could get computer access. You’re just like the abusive idiots on Twitter who told me to take my laptop to McDonald’s when I was using a desktop bolted to a table at the public library. I didn’t own a laptop until a client bought one for me so that I wouldn’t be dependent on the library to do the writing work even though, with the exceptions of when I was at City View Inn and Red Carpet Inn, I had no internet access, and it would go out all the time when I was in those shelters. Several of the shelters I was in, including Eddie Harris and NAICA Bronx Park Avenue, forbade residents from having laptops in the building and had strong security with metal detectors.

    • Scotty is ableist scum permalink

      Telling people they are “ableist as fuck” while constantly throwing around ableist slurs like “idiot”, “stupid” and “imbecile” which is not only ableist but is also classist.

      Hypocrite much, Scotty?

  17. In what way is it classist? One doesn’t have to be wealthy to think things through. Someone who denies my medical conditions or falsely ascribing them to obesity, which is largely the result of the limitations my medical conditions (scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica, tendinosis, flat feet) impose on me, has absolutely no right to call anyone else ableist. I didn’t come to your blog and post objectively stupid things. You’re just taking advantage of the fact that I choose to keep my blog fully transparent and open to criticism. You also have no right to accuse anyone else of classism while judging my teeth. My parents couldn’t afford to get me braces, which necessarily have to come before I get veneers, the only solution to the specific cause of my yellow teeth according to a multitude of dentists who have seen me. Medicaid doesn’t cover cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics. I’ve been told that it does, but not according to the adult provider directory that I have. I think it may for children because everyone who told me that braces are covered was getting them for their children and not themselves.

    • Scotty the Hypocrite permalink

      “The term “imbecile” is not only ableist but also classist, as it was used in the early to mid-1900s to justify institutionalizing and sterilizing young women who were poor or considered to have low IQs. In the Supreme Court case Buck v. Bell, Carrie Buck tried to challenge the state of Virginia’s plan to sterilize her after she was involuntarily institutionalized. The court ruled in Virginia’s favor, and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes famously wrote, “Three generations of imbeciles is enough.””

      I noticed in your whole off topic, word salad reply that you conveniently ignored the fact that you love to throw around ableist slurs all while calling everyone else ableist scum. One has to wonder what the regressive PC halfwits that you associate with would think if they saw your abhorrent behavior on your blog.

      • Says the down-punching hypocrite who accuses me of having fake x-rays and medical paperwork.

      • Forget your lust for the rich man's gold permalink

        Just for you Scotty, i think imma go drop a few hundo at Amazon on shit that we really don’t need just so I can help make Bezos just a tiny bit richer. Also, I see how much that pisses off envious little maggots such as yourself, so that’s fun.

        The wife and I do want to thank you though for the unadulterated, orgasmic schadenfreude that your bumbling provides to us.

      • You adore leeches who live off the labor of others and don’t even give them the dignity of bathroom breaks.

      • Oh the Irony... permalink

        I can’t be the only one here that sees the delicious irony of a person that has been on the dole for almost a decade calling another person a leech.

      • The fact that you don’t consider someone who took a free $10 billion from the government a leech when that person is already the richest person on the planet suggests severe mental illness on your part. It’s not like Bozos didn’t get free money from family members before he got rich–over $400,000. Also, his employees qualify for government assistance. When an employed person qualifies for government assistance, that’s corporate welfare–money the employer should be paying but isn’t.

        I don’t choose to be on the dole, but when Social Security says that I can’t receive Disability on the grounds that I can do a desk job, and ATS fucks up my resume so that I’m lucky to get a minimum wage call center job that overlaps any time I can go to the library to look for work on the computers there and ends in a mass layoff of over sixty people I don’t really have a choice, now, do I?

  18. As though what you’ve been saying isn’t far more abhorrent, cowardly Darren McCann.

  19. lakdjflkaj permalink

    Do you have any actual friends?

    • wsderthuji permalink

      Would you want to be friends with that specimen?

    • Yes, but they see you as trolls and advise me to disengage and delete your posts.

      • Darren permalink

        So you don’t take their advice on this?

      • aldkfj;ald permalink

        I doin’t think scott has any friends. He can’t even get ONE to post here to prove it

  20. Scotty's Butt Boy permalink

    Hi Everyone, I’m Scott’s friend. Please stop being mean jerks to him!

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