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ATS Programmers Should Be Forced to Pay My Student Loan Debt

June 19, 2021

This is TopResume showing me how Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) interpret my resume to be seen by employers, September 1, 2016:

This is what my resume looked like in in September 2016:

This is what I have described previously as ripping my resume to shreds, pasting it back together again as nonsense. My resume is very explicit that my job at DOTmed ended in 2008, but they are falsely claiming that it was my most recent employment. No reasonably literate person could look at my resume and come up with the results ATS did, and no one has been able to help me fix my resume to make it ATS-proof. As there are multiple companies that make ATS, there is no specific person to sue. This is why I say that it is completely irrational and knee-jerk to blame my poverty and homelessness on me. As such, it is the people mangling my resume who need to be held accountable for their actions.

  1. Matthew L permalink

    If you spent as much time job hunting as you did blaming others for your short comings you’d have a job by now. Shouldnt take 13 years to find a permanent desk job. Pay off your own student loans, didnt you inherit some money? There you go. Pay off that debt and keep job hunting. Job hunting is a full time job in itself. Before I got mine I spent atleast six hours a day looking for one.

    • You are truly dumb as a stump. I make a post about why all the time I have spent job hunting has been ineffective, and you make a stupid comment that shows your complete failure to understand the problem. Then you go telling me to spend an inheritance that is invested as my sole income source that I have no way to replenish. Job searching doesn’t lead to any results directly because of the incompetent design of ATS. (I have spreadsheets for 2012-2020, but I didn’t post the others because they will not display properly).

      I also losing my housing voucher if I make even $1 above $25,760 a year, which is below local minimum wage at full time. I need to make $72,000 a year for this tiny apartment to meet federal affordability guidelines.

      Grow a brain, and stop making uninformed comments.

  2. Reality check permalink

    Stop using your so called IQ as a security blanket. If you are sooooo much smarter than any and everyone who has tried to help you then you wouldnt be in the shitty situation you are now. You are where you are because you are an egotistical, entitled man child. You can use big words, bravo. So can I you absolute idiot sandwich. But, if you continue on this “Woe is me the world has to hand me a 75k yr job so I can do better!” Tirade then you are going to be 60 yrs old in a homeless shelter all because you refuse to take ant type of accountability in your life. You refuse to put in any hard work you should be looking for a job 8 hours a day period and need to work your way up the ladder period. America isnt going to be all “You know Scott! You are right! Capitalism is stupid! Here is a job making $50.00 an hour.” Would be nice, but not happening.

    • You’re a liar and an imbecile and demonstrably subliterate. You believe that I should accept a job that is physical torture with my disabilities and will get me evicted because the City Council is more concerned with padding Christine Quinn’s wallet than actually helping people. You are a truly sick fuck. You ought to be locked up in a mental institution where you can’t hurt anyone else.

    • grandstanding
      Learn to pronounce
      noun DEROGATORY
      the action of behaving in a showy or ostentatious manner in an attempt to attract favorable attention from spectators or the media.
      “they accused him of political grandstanding”

  3. Reality check permalink

    Did I say physical labor? There you go hiding behind big words. Did I strike a nerve? I guess so. Enjoy your life, because in five years you’re going to get the boot and have no where go. You think you’re sticking it to the man by not job hunting when really you’re fucking yourself. You’re going to be old as fuck with no retirement or social security.

    • You’re a fucking moron who apparently can’t read or wants me to go back to the homeless shelter. Go look at that link and tell me what kinds of jobs I should be applying for that I didn’t apply to literally thousands of.

  4. Reality Check permalink

    An employed Moron. Sad a complete slack jawed idiot like me can land a desk job and you can’t isnt it?

  5. Reality permalink

    Yes. Yes just like it is your parents fault for not raising you properly. A tragedy really. They didnt instill in you any life skills. Atleast they had one good kid and got to see him be successful before they passed.

  6. Reality permalink

    Excused are like assholes my sweet idiot of a failure

    • You’re an idiot because you believe in the face of all evidence that I have refused low-level desk jobs prior to the government capping my income, which has been the situation only since August 25, 2020.

  7. Josh permalink

    If you don’t like the website I don’t understand how that means they should pay your loans?

    You are either a troll or are mentally ill or just incredibly stupid.

    • Clearly you didn’t read the post or didn’t understand it.

    • TopResume is the website that showed me how ATS reads my resume. I complained about ATS, not a website, so your comment is nonsense.

      I deliberately omitted extraneous detail, such as people who have paid for TopResume’s service (the resume analysis is free but additional assistance is not) finding it useless, to focus entirely on a software (ATS) used by human resources professionals, but even then you seem to have been confused by the introductory information, which was nevertheless necessary to explain the source of the information discussed in the article. I honestly hope you’re not in a desk job.

  8. Reality permalink

    You should be forced to pay my student loans because boomers/members of generation x sold me this song and dance of going to college and I want to pay it off so I can boost my credit score.

    So lets go, pay it off! It is all your fault i have this debt

    • How is it my fault? You don’t have a rational argument. I have a rational argument because ATS mangles my resume and presents a false version of it to employers, effectively sabotaging my job search. Since there seems no rhyme or reason to its choices, I have been unable to modify my resume to get them to stop misrepresenting me.

  9. James H permalink

    Hey fuckstain, why not take that inheritance you have and pay off your student loans or shut the fuck up? Millions of Americans don’t have the luxury of inheriting money from their parents or living off the system or better yet GET A JOB YOU FAT SACK OF HUMAN WASTE and use that inheritance to supplement your wages. Intellectual my left nut. You really are an self absorbed entitled fuckwad. The American people have paid off your debt and then some with their hard working tax dollars many of which wrote their own resumes. An intellectual that cant write a resume? Sad really. I thought you were smarter than 99.9% of the world.

    • You’re obviously functionally illiterate if you can read this and tell me to get a job. You live in your mother’s basement and spend all day trolling strangers’ blogs.

      I went to Brooklyn Public Library’s resume help, and they conceded that they wouldn’t know how to get me past ATS either.

      I am an intellectual. You’re an idiot because you don’t understand even when shown to you explicitly how ATAS rips my resume to shreds and reassembles it as nonsense I didn’t say, kind of like what you do from stuff I post on Facebook. Also, learn how to use a fucking apostrophe.

    • James H says: “You’re not an intellectual because other people think that you’re an architect because you spoke about housing issues at Columbia University School of Architecture. You’re not an intellectual because other people think you are a human resources administrator because you represented Picture the Homeless in meetings with the New York City Human Resources Administration.” Grow a fucking brain you imbecilic slime mold!

    • James H’s definition of an intellectual: “A person who can communicate in writing to the functionally illiterate.”

    • The national rate of homeownership in the US is 64.8%, which means that that’s the minimum percentage of those who will inherit anything from their parents. I inherited half ownership of a house, which had to be sold and the proceeds split between me and my brother.

  10. James H permalink

    Lmao who are these fictional people? Cite your sources. Havent you heard saying something without any backing isn’t proof. More like pseudo-intellectual. But whatever helps you sleep at night. How much longer before they boot you out that apartment? Better get a jump on finding a job. If you put as much effort into finding a job as hunting for comics and movies maybe you would have made something of yourself by now.

  11. Steven P permalink

    Wow that is just horrible you should blast them on youtube/tiktok/facebook and get folks to boycott this shitty company

  12. Chris permalink

    Stop fucking whining about life if youre going to call ANY and ALL suggestions idiotic without trying any of them you self righteous lazy entitled fuck wit. It probably isnt your resume that doesnt get you a job but YOU you self proclaimed intellectual. I wouldn’t want to be in a room with you 5 seconds letter alone hire you to work with you. Do you have friends? Because you really are an asshole to anyone who offers you any sort of help or suggestion.

    • You’re a fucking idiot. You basically accused me of not being smart enough to have thought up those things myself and already tried them. It’s insulting. If it’s not my resume, what is it? It sounds like you think these people are meeting me when they objectively aren’t.

  13. Reality Check permalink

    You’re not a victim of anything but yourself Scott, shut the fuck up

  14. Reality Check permalink

    So every single employer uses this technology now? What an outrage! You’re right! All your job rejections are completely not your fault. Totally, not your fault you lack skill, the ability to take criticism, have huge ass gaps in your resume because you wont take jobs you “dont want” or “dont pay enough” like millions of others do. Not your fault you are too good to take “mcjobs” and would rather be homeless than get a roommate like millions of others do, you’re simply too good to be like the others! Youre a fucking Martyr

    • Why are you so proud of being an idiot and a liar?

      Scum like you deserve to be beaten and mugged on a daily basis. The fact that you think it’s reasonable for someone to be spasming and falling in a busy fast food kitchen as a result of documented medical problems shows what an evil, entitled prick you are. The fact that said person has an advanced degree just adds insult to injury. Only a lying sackof shit would misquote this as ” “dont want” or “dont pay enough” .” Every day you aren’t physically tortured but call for others to be is an injustice. People like you should be forced to pay my student loan debt (and you’re probably dumb enouigh to believe Lauren Boebert that you are).

      Where is the gap in my resume? My resume is on the post, but you obviously didn;’t bother topread it or you would be able to be specific in your accusations.

      You’re still claiming that I haven’t worked for minimum wage. Are you just thoroughly incapable of being honest?

    • Joel Winter explains the inanity of the system and what I should have been doing. I’m going to need a bigger hard drive for all those resumes. Mine is already so full that I get warnings.

  15. Reality Check permalink

    Saying the “r” word still counts as using it as a slur, ableist much?

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