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FACT: Capitalism Increases Poverty

June 9, 2021

End capitalism.

  1. Jamesv permalink

    And what would you do in a socialist society. Not like you would be working. You would be sat on your fat ass doing nothing but complaining about things ok the internet all day.

  2. Steve permalink

    Atleast people with Down syndrome can get a job, what is your problem exactly? Ableist much?

  3. The only ableist person here is you. when have you seen a person with Down syndrome in a desk job?

    It’s stated very clearly on my about page that I have numerous physical challenges that limit me to a desk job, and that Social Security has denied me three times on the grounds that I can do a desk job. That requires someone willing to interview me for one, Over 60 people have attempted to help me improve my resume, not one has succeeded in making one that gets me good results. And then there are the idiots like you who claim that I’m applying to jobs for which I’m not qualified–claims that they can’t back up when given examples.

  4. James permalink

    Your masters degree is toilet paper and again at least someone with Down syndrome has a job. I don’t pity anyone with 250k in the bank who uses up resources someone without two nickels to rub together could be using.

    • “If a pERsOn WItH dOWn sYnDroMe Can staNd FOr EIghT HouRS A DaY, wHy CAn’T somEONe PHYsiCAlLy diSaBleD Do The SAMe?”

      “wHeN YOU bLOw AlL THaT moNey on REnt beCAiSE YOU HAve no waY TO rePlENIsH it, it wIL PrOVe to THe EmplOYerS wHO AlREaDY Won’T inTErvIEW you thAT You cAn’T MaNagE moNeY!”

      And I do not have 250k in the bank. Not even close.

      You can’t think, and you can’t spell.

  5. Reality permalink

    I can’t spell, but I got a desk job and my drivers license. How about you? You are just an old man with a dated degree who sits and rants on the internet all day about:Bowel movements, how women don’t like you, your mother, a moving company and capitalism. Time better spent job hunting.

    • I’m not an old man. I have a driver’s license. My degree is not dated. It’s pointless to look for a job because I will be made homeless if I take most jobs. I’m not allowed to make more than $25,760, which is less than local minimum wage at full time, or I lose my voucher and my $2,000 apartment, which is typical for the area because employers and real estate owners are out of touch with reality.

    • The fact that you come here and punch down when the richest man in the world just got given a $3 billion subsidy by the government shows that your life is so pathetic and empty that you need to be a bully to feel good about yourself.

    • And just because I have a driver’s license doesn’t mean that I can do a driving job. sitting with my legs in one position causes me shooting pain in my legs that make me a distracted driver. this first happened on a drive back from Fayetteville where I made a documentary shoot. It still happens regularly. If it happens in a chair, it affects only me. If it happens when I’m driving, it makes me a distracted driver. That along with my bathroom issues. Anyone who thinks someone with an advanced degree should have to wear a diaper to do a job already unsuitable to them is one sick fuck and should be forced to pay my student loan debt.

  6. Scott Andrew Hutchins, outside of hard circumstances due to no fault of one’s own or legitimate disabilities that make certain lines of work impractical, even impossible, people who live on the streets are their because of decisions of their own making.