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Facebook’s Deranged Suspension Policy

May 30, 2021

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How did Facebook get the decision wrong?

John Ellis was insulting anyone who was a citing a USA Today article talking about the recent bill for appropriations to the Capitol Police. He was insulting multiple people for taking the article seriously. If someone lies, the natural response is to call the person out as a liar. It makes no sense to punish the person who calls out an offense rather than the person who commits the offense. I am not seeing in what way this constitutes bullying or harassment. At the very minimum, I am owed an explanation. Scott Hutchins commented on Charles Ortegon’s post: “John Ellis All you’ve done is expose yourself as a liar.”. 22hEdit

Why did you post this content?

I was calling out someone who was insulting people for citing a USA Today article in criticizing AOC’s “present” vote.Edit

Does this content involve important social issues?

It certainly does. It involves a bill to fund police and an elected official going back on her word about it.Edit

Provide a summary for your submission

Calling out a liar who was insulting people.Edit

Is there anything else you think the board should know?

It makes no sense that individuals can’t call out false information when Facebook does so on a regular basis. My last suspension was for saying “Is this for real?”: while sharing someone else’s post. Facebook alleged that I was spreading misinformation about COVID-19, information I was questioning, but the person who originally posted it just got out of Facebook jail for something else entirely and was never punished for the post that got me in trouble. I think the algorithm has flagged me as a problem because I keep getting suspended with the most nonsensical excuses.Edit

Which languages were used in your content?


Which countries is this content relevant to?

United StatesEdit

What keywords best describe your content?


What Can Be Shared About You with the Public?

Do you give permission for the board to share details that could easily identify you in its explanation?YesEditDo you give permission for the board to share data with special protections about you in its explanation?YesEdit

Please review your answers to ensure they are accurate and make any necessary changes. Once your appeal is submitted, you will be unable to make changes to your written answers.

  1. Here’s a search for the word “liar” on Facebook:

  2. Logic permalink

    Welp learn to read before insulting people. This is awesome.

  3. Reality check permalink

    And you cant talk to anyone nor debate anyone without constantly using fallacies or attacking them as a person which is why you keep getting banned on Facebook.

    • You’re a liar. I keep getting suspended from Facebook because the algorithm is stupid. The previous suspension was for sharing someone else’s COVID-19 claims with the comment, “Is this for real?” The person who posted it didn’t get suspended or have her post taken down (although she was briefly suspended for something else recently). That’s how you know that the algorithm is garbage.

    • The one comment I think Facebook was right to suspend me for was when I asked how men men Seth Barron sucked off to get published in the Post after he alleged that my lack of professional writing gigs is proof of my incompetence.

      • Johnny permalink

        So you are sorry you said that? Did you apologize to him?

  4. Conner Hutchins permalink

    Seems like it would be much easier for you to just follow some basic rules.

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