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Did the Movers Steal from Me?

May 11, 2021

I’m trying to find three of the most expensive comics I ever bought. Showcase 60, 61, and 64, the Silver Age relaunch of The Spectre as I consolidate my collection now that I’m in my new apartment. I’m not seeing any trace of them. All my other Showcase issues in my inventory are accounted for, and I don’t have them with my other Spectre comics, either, of which I have half the 1967 series (2, 4, 6, 7, and 8), all of the second series, and the majority of the third series (as well as the Wrath of the Spectre trade paperback, >i>The Golden Age Spectre Archives vol. 1 hardcover (no subsequent volume has been released, and The All Star Comics Archives vols. 0-5 hardcovers, which ends with the last appearance of DC-owned characters with the Justice Society when Max C. Gaines attempted to strike out on his own before selling his All-American characters to DC a few months later). I hope I find them.

I have eBay confirmations that I won the items, so I’m not making it up that I had them.

I also read the issues and wrote the plot summaries on the now-defunct

Ebenezer Olcott has died and his daughter Millicent (Myra) Olcott, an impoverished secretary, has hired psychometrist Stefan Miklos and police detective Jim Corrigan to find his fortune. Corrigan, a new streak of white in his hair, laments that he has been unable to contact the Spectre, who could make the job easy, for twenty years and does not know why.

During a seance with Stefan, Millicent, and a medium, the Spectre is released from Corrigan’s body.
After defeating petty mobsters Rocks Parker and Tuffy Cooper, whose rival gangs have teamed up to kill Jim Corrigan, the Spectre finds the Olcott fortune and seeks to learn the cause of imprisonment.

While the Spectre seeks the source of a mystic disturbance, Jim Corrigan tracks the stragglers of the two gangs to the hideout of the Adirondack Gang, where he is seized by one of the mobsters. Corrigan is rescued by the Spectre, who is uncontrollably pulled back into his body, but not before the Spectre tells him that Paul Nevers is the source of the disturbance trapping him inside Jim. Corrigan tracks Nevers down and finds his hand irresistibly drawn to shoot Nevers in cold blood, tossing the gun aside to stop himself.

Azmodus is released from the body of Paul Nevers, revealing that the Spectre’s inability to leave Corrigan’s body was tied to his recently ended imprisonment on the world of Tholagga, and battles the Spectre on the astral plane while Corrigan and Nevers fight fisticuffs on earth.

After draining Azmodus’s power, the Spectre places him in suspended animation.

Shathan the Eternal collects shadows that allow him to enter the manifest world, including from spelunker Andre Voisin and big game hunter Olive Morrell, as well as an unidentified Mongolian thief and a window washer in Gateway City, all in exchange for saving the individuals’ lives.

Jim Corrigan is present as the window washer falls and lands on his feet, but only the Spectre notices the man’s lack of a shadow, and follows him, but is drawn into a spiritual realm inside his body, where he encounters creatures, including Tstahhala of the Hundred Seas and Ahriman of the Windy Worlds, made of the same substance he is, and can therefore hurt him. He makes himself light years large so that their blows pass through the atoms of his body.

At this point, the Spectre goes back in time to learn the origin of Shathan and how he was successfully fought by good men such as Moses, Peter, Buddha, and Mohammed, and to a certain extent, himself, when he defeated Azmodus, Shathan’s deputy.

Shathan causes numerous disasters, including breaking cables while Jim Corrigan and a warehouse robber duke it out inside the elevator they suspend, the Spectre saving both their lives as well as fixing a broken bridge that Corrigan is on the following day.

All of this is done to distract the Spectre from the fact that Shathan is present on Earth, and that all those from whom he has bought shadows are now brainwashed into worshiping him.

The Spectre seizes Shathan by the leg, dragging him into outer space, where they can battle without affecting anyone else. The Spectre here can even punch in the opposite direction and have it still hit Shathan because of the curve of the universe.

The Spectre attempts to destroy Shathan by by attempting to engulf him in disasters of the past–October 30, 1961, USSR; June 30, 1908, Siberia; the fireball of 1866, the eruption of Krakatoa on August 21, 1883, but none have any effect until he takes Shathan back to the beginning of the universe, which shatters his body to be dissipated throughout the cosmos. The Spectre then returns Shathan’s victims home.

Ace Chance wants to give up gambling and marry wealthy Mona Marcy, who doesn’t even know him, but he owes $10,000 to Booth Cody that he fails to win on a gambling ship. Taking a speedboat back to the city, he is attacked by Cody’s men, who throw him in a tank of liquefied natural gas.

Captain of Detectives Jim Corrigan, having received a tip about plans to rob the marine museum nearby, hears Chance’s calls for help and intervenes, the Spectre entering the tank and retrieving Chance’s body, barely alive, although his spirit has already fled. The Spectre enters Chance’s body to keep it alive, which recalls Chance’s spirit, who takes Corrigan’s body because his own is unavailable.

Chance thinks he has a better chance to win Mona Marcy with Corrigan’s body, so he takes off. The Spectre literally hands Cody’s thugs and the marine museum robbers to the police and Chance’s body to a hospital by increasing to giant size.

Chance, in Corrigan’s body, quits the police force and beings seeing Mona Marcy, and the Spectre, who can’t get in Corrigan’s body with Chance’s spirit there, has to search the world for acts of goodness to recharge his energy, which he finds in the form of a peace corps worker, an American soldier in Vietnam, a religious service, and a hospital.

Having regained his power, The Spectre pulls the ghost of Ace Chance from Corrigan’s body. Chance’s powers take the battle to Gold Alley of the Alchemists in Prague, where he gathers the forces of basilisks, where Spectre briefly beats him. Chance then takes the Spectre to a second round in the desecrated Cathedral of Secaire in Gascony, where hooded worshipers of evil attack the Spectre with mystic artifacts that can harm him. He defeats them by attacking them with their own altar.

Calling on witches and devils, Chance escapes the Spectre’s clutches. Summoning a solar boat, Chance takes the Spectre to fight a pagan deity called Soraboru, who looks like a hybrid of Asian and European dragon, which Spectre throws outside the borders of space and time.

Then Spectre grabs Chance and drags him to the hospital, where his body awaits. In fact, Chance has switched bodies on him, putting the illusion of Chance’s body on Corrigan’s in the hospital bed. the Spectre is tipped of by the table lamp, and recognizing Corrigan’s silhouette, takes Chance’s ghost to his actual body and puts him back inside.

Lounging in a chair at Corrigan’s house, the Spectre tells Jim that breaking off his relationship with Mona Marcy is his own problem.

These plot summaries helped me get a previous writing client and hopefully will allow that again now that I’ve pasted them here. Unfortunately, The Wayback Machine did not save the contribution history for the page, so I can’t prove that I wrote them.

  1. Scott aint a man permalink

    Dont blame the movers because youre a lazy piece of shit. Should have had that place unpacked months ago. You have been there damn near a year. Even if it is just a box or two a day. Clean up, unpack and you might find things.

    • You’re an ableist piece of shit too stupid to understand basic concepts like herniated discs, having arm surgery, and the movers having piled bookcases on top of each other..

    • Also, shit for brains, all of my comic books were either grouped together in bags if they were new acquisitions or in boxes designed to hold comic books, taller and narrower than the banker boxes most of my other stuff is in.

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