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Mark Zuckerberg Belongs in Actual Jail for Censoring Me

April 26, 2021

I woke up to another 30-day suspension from Facebook. This excuse is even worse than the last one. They claimed I was spreading misinformation about COVID-19. Jill K. Johnston and I somehow became Facebook friends despite her being apparently an anti-vaxxer. I’m holding out a little on getting vaccinated for COVID-19 after the NHS warning for people with medicinal allergies but don’t intend to not get the vaccine at all. Jill K. Johnston made a post of a statement by former Pfizer scientist Michael Yeadon about how dangerous he believes the vaccine to be. I shared her post with “Is this for real?” Not long after, I found the answer to my question and shared this Reuters article in which numerous scientists who worked with Yeadon have questioned his judgment and his rise as an anti-vax hero.

Jill K. Johnston, however, does not appear to have been suspended, making for another case of selective enforcement. My post was removed, but hers stands and can be read in its entirety at this link:, although I don’t recommend it, as it’s nothing but Yeadon fearmongering that sounds plausible because of his credentials that prompted me to ask my initial question.

It is actions like this that demonstrate why a monopoly communication platform like Facebook has far too much power and needs to either be nationalized or in some way prevented from having the normal power to censor enjoyed by a private company not subject to the first amendment.


    You suspended me for posting a link to this Facebook post:, which remains up, questioning the validity of the claims made in it. Your excuse for punishing me was that I was spreading misinformation about COVID-19, but if that were the case, you would have deleted that Facebook post and suspended the person who posted it. My forwarding it with “Is this for real?” seriously cannot rationally be considered spreading misinformation when the very point of my post was questioning the validity of the original poster’s content, particularly when that content remains up and OP is not suspended.

    “We could not process your request. Please try again later.”

  2. Scott Hutchwines permalink

    What? We dont get to read the daily bm report? Your complaining about boxes any non lazy person who have had moved 9 months ago even if it was a little at a time? Your rants about women? Your rants about closed minded people while making homophobic attacks against Howard even though youre an “ally” or your transphobic nonsense? Say it aint so!

    • You are ableist trash and a liar. Howard belongs to an antigay organization so I taunt him about being closeted based on his telling me to get a rectal exam for a swallowing issue and his habit for sending my info to job scammers.

  3. Nothing is ever Scott's fault permalink

    Facebook is a private company, you orange toothed buffoon. They are free to “censor” anyone/anything they want on their platform.

    You are free to pack up your fake maladies, your endless excuses for your failures, and your martyr complex and move to another platform.

    • Hey, scumbag, my teeth are orange because of medication I was FORCED to take for an ear infection when I was a toddler.

      Go fuck yourself, Mr. “I is smarter Then NE Dum DokTUR.” You’re effectively accusing me of forging medical records now. That’s called defamation, and it’s illegal.

      In terms of audience size, Facebook is a monopoly platform, and they should be forced to give a rational, reasonable explanation for removing someone from the platform, which they have refused to do. To disagree is to have no morals.

  4. Poor baby permalink

    Brb going to go make a facebook post

    Did you ever sit and realize your entitlement is why you havent gone anywhere in life? You sit and think everything needs to given to you rather than putting in any effort towards accomplishing anything you graduated college 100 yrs ago while those who just graduated are miles ahead of you. Why is that? Capitalism? It is easy to blame capitalism when in all actuality you’re just an entitled fuckwad

  5. Scott Blehchins permalink

    You censoring man baby you should be in prison

  6. jamd permalink

    I’m pretty sure scott suffers from mental illness. That is why nothing is his fault

    • I got evaluated for mental illness eight times when I was in the shelter system. None found anything. A ninth did, but she was on Department of Homeless Services payroll, and the shelter staff were present and lied to her face about things they did, and they had already stated their goal of putting me into supportive housing, which is completely inappropriate for me and one of the reasons Craig Hughes fought DHS to get me into an apartment.

      I have never said that nothing is my fault. What I’ve been railing about are the demands of idiots that I take responsibility for things that are completely beyond my control.

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