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My Debt to The College of Staten Island Is Fraudulent

March 31, 2021

This is a response over LinkedIn to my screenplay of William Shakespeare’s The Life of Timon of Athens. Geno Scala’s LinkedIn page calls him “‘Ghostwriter To The Stars’; The Script Mentor; Produced Screenwriter; Exec. Director of Academy Awards.” I guess that’s what happens when your screenwriting professor, Ying Zhu, tells you that you’re very talented and advises you to transfer to the University of Texas at Austin, but you don’t do it, so she hangs up on you when you ask her to write you a letter of recommendation for a Ph.D. program and blocks you on Twitter when you publicly reveal that she did that.

Geno Scala 
 8:00 AMI believe, initially, your issue with my newsletter was that it was an ad disguised as helpful information- to which I took exception. I offered to look over your screenplay- at no charge- because you felt that you were being unfairly treated in the screenwriting world. First, thank you for trusting me with your screenplay. While I am not familiar with Shakespeare’s work- never been my thing- his work has become the basis of almost every important movie or story since. As for this particular screenplay, there is so much more wrong with it than right. If this is what you would send to a producer, if requested to do so, they wouldn’t go beyond page three, in all honesty. Even the title page is all wrong. I know you have many personal challenges; being homeless, I understand, is among them; so perfecting one’s screenwriting is far down the list of necessities at this time, but in the future, you really need to learn the actual craft before blaming your shortcomings on others. While the basic “structure” is correct (meaning you DO have a master scene heading and the dialogue is positioned in the right location) beyond that, there is nothing that I see that would be confused with an actual screenplay. It’s like you saw one once, and tried to copy what it looked like from memory. Unfortunately, it didn’t come close. If you got rid of the “character list”, reduced each scene to a maximum three pages or less, and keep the number of scenes to 40-60; then reduced the word count per page to an average of 180 per, you’d be a thousand percent closer to an actual screenplay going forward. If you’re willing to start with making those changes, I will continue to assist you for free, going forward. If not, then I wish you good luck.

Scott Andrew Hutchins sent the following messages at 8:14 AMView Scott Andrew’s profileScott Andrew Hutchins  8:14 AMYou’ve got to be kidding.  The fact that you’re totally unfamiliar with Shakespeare adaptations speaks volumes.

View Scott Andrew’s profileScott Andrew Hutchins  8:23 AMI guess it also shows that The College of Staten Island stole my money and that my student loan debt is a fraud.

View Scott Andrew’s profileScott Andrew Hutchins  8:24 AMI guess Screenwriter doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, either…

The formatting, is, after all, automatic, although it’s true it was written in Word and pasted into it later.

But attacking a Shakespeare adaptation for word count and scene length is something else…

Geno Scala sent the following message at 8:33 AMView Geno’s profileGeno Scala  8:33 AMWhat “volumes” does not liking Shakespeare speak, exactly? I never said I was “totally unfamiliar” with Shakespeare’s work- I did go to high school on Staten Island, and do have a college degree (on scholarship, so no loans necessary; white privilege and all). If you’re equating my review of your screenplay to my opinion of your college education then, yes- without a doubt, your College of Staten Island education is fraudulent- based simply on the idiots that I know personally who got into that school. As for your formatting- the fact that you HAVE a master scene heading is one thing; what you include in it or leave out of it is something entirely different. This is where your mistakes are. This is ALSO considered formatting; descriptive text, action text, parentheticals, TITLE page- all of it. Formatting software places these things in the right location on the page, but it doesn’t write it out for you.

Scott Andrew Hutchins sent the following message at 8:36 AMView Scott Andrew’s profileScott Andrew Hutchins  8:36 AMThanks

Geno Scala sent the following message at 8:39 AMView Geno’s profileGeno Scala  8:39 AMYou claim this to be an adaptation of Shakespeare’s work, but you have virtually no idea of what an adaptation is. You seem to believe it is a word-by-word transfer of Shakespeare’s work placed in a modern-day screenwriting format, which is very wrong. More importantly, however, you’re just a complete asshole who thinks the world owes you something. Maybe the world does- but I don’t. There are two types of people in this world; those that are really stupid, but know it and want to learn- and then there’s people like you. I’ve wasted enough of my time, good manners and good intentions on you, but I will be making you and this (and previous) exchanges with you famous next week. Be sure to look for my newsletter article!

Scott Andrew Hutchins sent the following message at 8:40 AMView Scott Andrew’s profileScott Andrew Hutchins  8:40 AMHonestly, this sounds more like creative differences than anything else.

Geno Scala sent the following message at 8:45 AMView Geno’s profileGeno Scala  8:45 AM Not even close. You’re not creatively knowledgeable enough to have differences. I’m right, and you’re wrong. Very, very wrong. If you want to kid yourself and say it’s “creative difference”, keep fooling yourself. There are many different levels of ignorance in life; being uneducated; not being aware; not knowing it all. The worst kind is knowing you’re ignorant and refusing to learn. That’s why your college loan is a joke and a waste. You’d rather be RIGHT than learn anything, and no one- least of all, me- wants to bother trying to help someone who is an arrogant little pissant know-it-all, but can’t look around and see where he is at this very moment in his life and have the basic intelligence to say “I was wrong, and I’m willing to learn”.

Scott Andrew Hutchins  8:51 AM Reread what you wrote and look in the mirror.

Geno Scala sent the following messages at 8:52 AMView Geno’s profileGeno Scala  8:52 AM I’m currently helping writers in Nigeria who, not only have exceptional writing skills, but are starving to be taught how to write better. They write screenplays ON THEIR PHONES with no software. They work full time and make $15/MO. They live in shacks with no running water or electricity (but have a cell tower close enough to get a signal occasionally). They are sixty miles from the closest mail center- it’s not delivered. These are people who we love to help, because they’re appreciative and do not complain about their situation. They are kind, polite, and extremely grateful. You would do well for yourself working with people like that. As tough as times might be for you, you need to realize how many have it so much worse and do so much more to try to improve themselves. You can’t even be polite or grateful enough in a simple conversation in order to keep getting FREE help.

Yes, I’ll do that- but first, I have to finish this screenplay for which I was paid $41,000 to write.

Scott Andrew Hutchins sent the following message at 8:53 AMView Scott Andrew’s profileScott Andrew Hutchins  8:53 AM I’m not the one who resorted to name-calling.  That’s why I said to look in the mirror

Geno Scala  8:54 AMClick or press enter to display IMG_6121.jpeg in the image previewIMG_6121.jpeg

Now, go away…

I knew I should have waited until I could send him the screen version of What Killed Bartók.

But then, here’s what producer Steve Bannon (yes, Trump’s Steve Bannon) wanted Julie Taymor to do with Titus (which was one of my major influences):

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