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Facebook Is Obsessed with Censoring Left Voices

February 25, 2021

I got another 30-day suspension for the stupidest of reasons:

Facebook is now morally obligated to suspend anyone who uses a term like “libtard,” but I guarantee you that they won’t do it. This is yet another reason to nationalize Facebook or force it to play by the rules of a public utility. They are hellbent of robbing the left of their voice just as Twitter is suspending anyone who criticizes NATO.

Facebook declared this hate speech, but allowed me to appeal, which they do selectively as well. Last time I was suspended, an appeal was not presented to me as an option. Here is what I wrote:

At best, this is selective enforcement. Considering how often I see it, “libtard” doesn’t normally get people suspended, although you may be able to point to some isolated cases where you have done it. This is a pure and simple case of censorship of political speech in calling right-wing hypocrisy stupid. So much discourse appears on Facebook with people insulting each other in this manner that goes uncensored that picking and choosing based on politics is the only reason this post was selected for enforcement. Even as it is, the way the hate speech rules are written, such insults would apply only as hate speech if one were directly targeting someone who was actually intellectually or developmentally disabled. You’re effectively putting limitations on common discourse by suspending anyone who uses an insult on their opponent in an argument. This is overreach and censorship, not enforcement of community standards.

When they asked why I posted the content, I gave the following explanation:

Sharing a political cartoon with personal commentary, an appropriate use of Facebook. I actually know someone else who got a suspension, not for 30 days, for saying “Americans are stupid.” We are both Americans, so that damn sure does not count as hate speech.

The next question asked was “Does the content involve important social issues?

Yes it does. It honestly depicts right-wingers opposing socialism while demanding socialist programs that benefit themselves. It’s an anti-racist post.

In response to “Is there anything else you think the board should know?”

I think my numerous posts criticizing Israel today and criticizing NBC’s decision to apologize for its Saturday Night Live joke with evidence for its truthfulness attached got my account flagged for political censorship.

I gave them permission to share information about me with their public explanation. I am not ashamed of this post or I wouldn’t be complaining about it being censored here.

I tried to get people suspended for using the term “libtard” and failed, proving that my suspension was politically motivated:

If “Dumb Americans [who] vote GOP” is “hate speech,” then “libtard” MUST rationally be considered hate speech as well. To not do so is political bias.

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