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WordPress Broke My Music Inventory

February 14, 2021

I made a mistake with my music inventory page last night as I was working on inventorying and shelving my complete CD collection now that I’m out of the homeless shelter and storage when I did the unthinkable–I made a fatfinger in Jerry Goldsmith’s surname as I was typing a link to his name as I so often do for music on which he contributed only a few tracks, or in this case one. Now those HREF tags go on for quite a few pages. I’m not sure how many because I’m having extreme difficulty navigating the document. No matter what I do, it wants to jump to nearly the top or nearly the bottom. I can’t get it to go all the way to the bottom to delete the “>” that currently appears at the end. In fact, I can no longer do anything with the document. I tried highlighting the unwanted letter to remove it, but when I hit backspace, it jumped almost to the end of the document. I went back (not an easy task–it kept finding excuses to jump all the way to tne top) to see if it did whar I told it to do. It had not.

Today, I found Sony Classical’s 2019 issue of Elmer Bernstein’s Ghostbusters, which was previously available only in a limited edition that was selling for over $300 on Amazon. It contained the complete orchestra credits, and I typed them all out in another document for pasting, as I’ve had to do for quite a while because of speed issues. When I was done, I put the cursor in the appropriate spot, waited for the cursor to appear.

After the cursor appeared, I hit enter, then Ctrl-V. What do you think happened? If you think it pasted on the next line, you would be absolutely wrong! It pasted it at the bottom, to the right of the “<” that I haven’t been able to eliminate. I backed up without saving after repeated refusals to undo either with Ctrl-Z of the back button. The second time, it jumped to the bottom, but refused to paste at all. I think it’s broken and can take no more additions or corrections, other than adding at the bottom to ensure perpetual disorganization..

I have not been able to highlight enough of the mess of “Gioldsmith” tags to determine if any of them were ever deleted on my various attempts because WordPress insists on an autosave every few seconds, which immediately stops all highlighting to necessitate a do-over..

The tags seem to me metastisizing like a cancer. I was not scrolling at all when I took these screenshots. With every autosave, the Chausson section was pushed farther and farther down.

I tried to scroll back to the autosave prior to it making this one, but I was unable. There were just so many. It seems like more often than not it’s autosaving, and it can’t do anything else while it’s autosaving, and when it’s not autosaving, it’s still very much in a state of “hurry up and wait.”

The slowness is why a number of CDs I bought (or acquired, such as when I worked at Motéma and got a number of free copies) prior to the move into storage were never previously inventoried, but I’ve never had the problem be this bad. There was a lot of waiting, buit no outright disobedience of basic commands, and the constant autosaving didn’t happen until they changed the editing format a year or two ago.

My music inventory is a reference document that I use primarily in conjunction with Ctrl-F, so the last thing I want is to split it into multiple documents. The problems occur only when I am editing the document, not when I am reading the document. WordPress doesn’t really do customer service, either, so one hhas to rely on a forum of other users for help, which often leads to not getting any help because no one else who sees your post has encountered the same problem. Or worse, it’s a problem that can be addressed only with a premium membership. In the decade I’ve had my blog, I’ve gotten only 200 followers, so a premium membership is not a good use of my money at the present time.

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