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Another Reason Facebook Must Be Nationalized

January 21, 2021

So they tell me in writing that I did not violate community standards, but they suspended me for 30 days anyway:

  1. I have to wonder how many people they busted for posting that. I had been wanting to do it since Biden was declared as the winner, especially with the nonsense that happened on the 6th. If I didn’t violate community standards, on what grounds can they suspend my account?

  2. Danny f permalink

    Maybe dont suggest killing the former president

    • My point is that they stated in writing that I didn’t violate anything before they punished me for it.

    • Remember, I lost my blue checked Twitter account for calling someone “scum,” “imbecile,” “deranged,” and “moron,” while this guy “Garrett” said “Assassinate AOC” without any context and got to keep his account.

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