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Life in a Homeless Shelter

October 19, 2020

Me: A few hours before Robert Green attacked me, he repeatedly referred to me as “Jew,” so this is a hate crime.

NYPD: Are you Jewish?

Me: No.

NYPD: Then it’s not a hate crime.

NYPD asks me for a description of my assailant–light-skinned African-American, probably around 30, about five eight, thin, head shaven.

NYPD: And his date of birth?

Me: I don’t know.

NYPD: We can’t print up wanted posters unless you tell us his date of birth.

Me: How am I supposed to know that? I’ve known him for only five days. Look, I already gave you his address, and it’s a homeless shelter–they can tell you.

NYPD: There’s really not anything we can do unless you tell us his date of birth.

#FTP #FuckThePolice #ACAB

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