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Eight Years Homeless Today

May 25, 2020

And no one who has ever wanted me to take responsibility for it has ever been able to logically, rationally, and reasonably explain why it’s my fault. Every single one has either made up lies straight out of the gate (such as bringing up stereotypes like substance abuse and mental illness without a shred of evidence, or alleging that I refuse to apply for low-level office jobs despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary), been ableist in the extreme, or has told me that I should have gone into engineering or the skilled trades, neither of which are reasonable suggestions because no intelligent person would choose one of the few things at which they did poorly in school as their major. The skilled trades suggestion is particularly stupid given my medical problems, the stiches I got from my first industrial arts class, and the fact that the New York City shelter system is full of people with skilled trades backgrounds, which is why activist organizations keep bringing up that the sweat equity policies under Mayor Koch ought to be reinstated.

(Technically, I became homeless on May 11, but May 25 is when I entered the shelter system, effectively becoming institutionalized. The Department of Homeless Services can’t name anything they’ve done to help me get out of homelessness, and Craig Hughes has asked them point blank to identify them. They certainly haven’t done anything directly to help me obtain appropriate employment. Providing me with a cot, a locker, showers, and some mediocre and not particularly healthy non-vegetarian food (prior to becoming homeless my diet was pescetarian, with chicken or turkey only if I was with others somewhere not too accommodating to vegetarianism, and I got gout within my first year of shelter life, for which my doctor said that I would have to take allopurinol for the rerst of my life to avoid relapses–it’s extremely debilitating in full force) is a bit of indirect help, but not specfic enough to the task of getting me employed that they can honestly claim that they have helped me in that regard. Indeed, coinfiscating my suit hangers and putting me in places with no WiFi once I had my own laptop (and some of the shelters, including Eddie Harris and NAICA Bronx Park Avenue, forbade laptops such that I had to turn down an offer for a free one early on) are two ways that they have explicitly worked against me obtaining either “suitable” or “capable” work as defined by the Department of Labor. I have never seen a job posting on a board at a homeless shelter that was within my medical restrictions–it’s alway retail, food service, census taker, laborer, security guard, or home health aide.)

  1. Wake up call permalink

    Once you start owning that you are partly to blaim for your homelessness your situation will change. You seriously seem to be on the autistic spectrum and mentally ill and should ask for a systems inventory from a psychiatrist. Theres nothing wrong with being mentally ill or disabled on some fashion. But your refusals to see your own faults keep you down.

    • You’re an imbecile, Do you realize that I’ve had psychiatric evaluations every time I was sent to a new shelter that came back negative? I asked one specifically to test me for Aspberger’s and she went through the entire diagnostic convinced that I didn’t have it. You”re an armchair shrink who thinks he can diagnose people over wriyings on the internet. If eiither of us has a mental illness, it’s you with narcissistic personality disorder. You expect me to accept oin faith that my homelessness is my fault with absolutely zero evidence. You are insane. You’re probably the same sociopath I’ve been debating on Instagram who gets all his information from Jordan Peterson.

    • You effectively said “lack of responses to job applications is proof of mental illness,” which is proof that you’re illogical and stupid at the very minimum.

    • You are effectively saying that you know better than mental health examiners at Family Services Network of New York, Montefiore Medical Center, Mount Sinai Medical Center, and in-house mental health examiners at Bellvue, shelter, Project Renewal 8 East 3rd St (where the RN-psych evaluated me for Asperger’s at my request) and CAMBA Opportunity House. Craig Hughes, the social worker at Urban Justice Center who has been trying to help me get housing, belives that I’ve been transferred so much because DHS is “doctor-shopping.” They sent a mental health evaluator on their payroll, who examined me with teo case managers present, one of whom threatened to call the police if I didn’t report to the examination after I had in writing from Craig that DHS had cancelled it, then presumably told the examiner he hadn’t done it because he then came down and gaslit me, claiming that he never said it. I never saw that written evaluation, but my case manager filed for Disability in my name based on it. They are trying to put me in supportive housing where I will be forced onto psychotropic drugs and weekly mental health evaluations. This is after seven mental health evaluations that diagnosed me with “adjustment disorder,” the mental health equivalent of a cold or a bruise. The hubris from DHS (and the hubris from you) knows no bounds. What they are doing is abusive, and so is what you are doing.

    • And none of this information I’m rewriting for you should be new to someone who claims to have read my blog…

    • One of the questions the CAMBA elvatuator, who looked like an actor that we would see in a 16mm film from the ’70s in health class, was asking me to name three positive and three negative things each about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I couldn’t come up with anyhting positive about either one. Craig Hughes didn’t even think it was an appropriate question for a mental healht examination when I told him about it.

  2. Scotty 2whiney permalink

    And you my sir are an entitled narcissist.

    Excuse me while I continue to work 🙂

    Does it burn that someone 20 years your Junior and only a bachelors degree has a job, a car and a roof over their head because they decided that an entry level job was better than no job and worked their way up? 🤔

    Have fun spending another 8 years in a shelter because you cant pull your head out of your ass.

    • Explain to me how one gets an entry-level job for which one has not been allowed to interview, Mr. Imbecile.

    • “Take a job that hasn’t been offered to you” is proof that you are a blithering idiot.

    • And if ny “entry-level job” you mean a burger flipper job, you’re sick fuck ableist garbage who may as well have said, “Take work that a multitude of doctors have said you shouldn’t be doing. It doesn’t matter if you end up in the emergency room or the morgue early on because you can move up eventually.”

  3. Reality permalink

    Maybe if you lost some weight the problems in your feet would go away. Lot of your problems are obesity related and hell maybe a woman would give you the time of day

    • You’re a fucking idiot armchair physician, and there are guys far fatter than me who have wives and girlfriends. Go away, troll.

    • I’ve gotten as low as 230 with no change whatsoever in my pain issues. If losing weight were easy, the majorty of Americans would not be overweight.

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