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Why Is It That the Most Fervently Unethical Right-Wing Sociopaths Always Claim That They Were Raised in a Former Easten Bloc Country as Part of Their Defense of Capitalism?

May 17, 2020

As though those countries followed Marx so well that they negate capitalism’s enormous death toll…

(Note: Because a reply to a thread always goes to the then-current bottom, the argument may not seem to flow that smoothly, but in the interests of accurate repordiction, I will leave it as-is.)

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Horseshoe "theory" is the dumbest idea ever!

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  1. scottandrewhutchins’s profile picture
    @stigofwarthetrueone Since when have capitalists EVER taken responsibility for the problems they cause for others, environmental, economic, legal, or otherwise?

    stigofwarthetrueone’s profile picture
    @scottandrewhutchins look into a renewable energy company called Enphase Energy extremely transparent and very aware of their impact of business they even release where they obtained raw materials and where they do not for ethical standards

    scottandrewhutchins’s profile picture
    @stigofwarthetrueone The fact that you point out an exception is proof that most companies are not like that, and you know it. You’re being incredibly disingenuous here. Very strained effort to make your point. Let’s talk about companies like Exxon and BP. Let’s talk about private prisons. Let’s talk about Big Real Estate. Let’s talk about the disaster of for-profit health care. The list goes on.

  2. The debate continued a bit longer after I made this post and the fololw-up comment above until he muted me (I can still see his comments and his profile, but I am being prevented from replying to the thread, and his comments are now absent from my notifications), and the whole thing can be seen on Instagram by clicking the image. He was sone when I summed up his argument for my problems being my fault as, “Major in your wotst subject, then balme yourself when you fail,” one of the most common tropes of trolls and others who try to blame my homelssness on me. If the jobs are so bottlenecked into narrow fields, the problem can only rationally be concluded as systemic rather than personal.

    He lost the debate, as capitalists always do, and the fact that he muted me when I wasn’t harassing him proves it. Their position is always full of emotuon, illogic, and a set of beliefs so unchangeable in the face of evidence that it can be described accurately only as religious fervor..

  3. He unmuted me and made an utterly unhinged, fact-free comment:

    stigofwarthetrueone’s profile picture
    stigofwarthetrueone commented: Or I muted you because I have more productive things to get on with. But one simple conclusion I have come to after reading your blog is pretty simple you’d suffer from being gullible to communist propaganda, I don’t think anyone takes a direct decision to be homeless that’s not the case but to blame your homelessness entirely on the system and of absolute no fault of your own is pure laziness even if small you have a part in your homelessness. Your blog reeks of just blaming absolutely anyone and anything other than yourself. It appears you have god complex and the dunning kruger effect. I’m really trying here to be understanding here but your neuroticism, ignorance, arrogance and pathological lying is very evident you are beholden to your ideology it completely owns you Marxism is completely naive to human nature. And if you lived in your Marxism utopia I would bet you would still be incredibly unhappy because of your own personality11h

    • Hilarious! First he cites Jordan Peterson lying about the already dubious content of The Black Book of Communism, then he cites Jordan Peterson lying about the content of a New York Times article about Venezuela. He’s embarrassing himself.

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