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Just Some Scumbag Scammers

May 4, 2020

Daniel Ray, Amanda Buckman, and Brian Almeda do not work for Dover Publications. They (and those are probably not their real names) used an elaborate scheme including a lenghty interview-by-text process and an employment letter that looked like it was actually produced by the company to get credit card and banking information from me, which they did not get. Criminals are using COVID-19 to their advantage.

The actual HR director at Dover contacted me after I made an inquiry and said that they are aware of the scam and asked me for any details that I can provide in order to help stop it.

  1. And I had to discard a contact lens on only the 4th day I’d used it because it was irritating my eye. When I switched eyes, it had the same effect on the other eye, so I knew that it wasn’t salvageable. At least I didn’t pay for this years supply of contact lenses. They were paid for out of a fund from Urban Justice Center (which knows about my inheritance and that I’m trying to not spend more than the dividend until I can find steady employment).

  2. Over the past week, I have been under siege by Nigerian scammers both pretending to be employers and the one I’m more used to of someone sending pictures of beautiful women looking for a serious relationship, usually on Instagram or occasionally Facebook. I’ve gotten Nigerian scams where they make the processing of the money look like a job, but these people pretending to be reputable companies with actual jobs only to go into the advance fee spiel after being hired is new to me.

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