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Facebook Scumbags Censor Me Without Even Providing a Reason

November 13, 2019

“You can’t post right now

You may have used Facebook in a way that our systems consider unusual, even if you didn’t mean to.You can post again in 7 days.”

This time Facebook is unwilling to even cite a specific post that led to this determination. Facebook is a free speech opponent that needs to be nationalized.

  1. Dummy permalink

    The shooting cops in Vegas is what did it

    • Then why weren’t they even willing to say so?

    • James V permalink

      What did Scott write about shooting cops in Vegas?

      • It was a satirical comment about sending a highly trained garrison of heroic cop killers to protect the homeless from the enforcers of the 1%. It should have been obvious from the heightened language that it wasn’t to be taken literally. That Facebook didn’t tell me that this was the reason, and we’re left to speculate, is part of the problem–Facebook’s lack of transparency in addition to its selective enforcement.

  2. Dummy permalink

    That’s bullcrap. If they suspend you they should at least tell you why!

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