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Facebook’s Community Standards Are a Grotesque Mockery

October 8, 2019

So, it’s perfectly acceptable for some random person to call someone they don’t know worthless because they’re too poor to pay the rent, but if they ask if they should be sent back to their home country, and you say, “yes, because you’re an asshole to people here,” that’s worthy of a seven day suspension. Facebook is run by insane people guilty of the same perverse double standard.


I replied to this with “You’re worthless,” which in context should not have possibly gotten me suspended without also suspending her, but she is continuing to post on Robert Holden’s official Facebook page.

  1. Hakan permalink

    That is ridiculous. No way that deserves even a one hour ban.

    • Eight more hours until I can post on Facebook. I wonder if Ronie Bell is up and posting. I did see her comments eventually did get deleted.

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