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Weird Dream Starring Monty Python and The Who

September 29, 2019

I just woke from a really weird dream. I was in a white-walled, not particularly colorful dining room with the surviving members of Monty Python, Maria Aitken (who was at the head of the table), and several others. At one point John Cleese got up and insisted that all the men participate in some traditional ritual, which involved holding both the other man’s hands and speaking into each other’s foreheads, “I love thee as I did in India.” One of the women got up and participated, but no one said anything, though Aitkin leaned forward on the table. I thought it was some weird sketch, but for some strange reason I trusted them and participated. Philip Glass was part of this, too, but his hair was about three times as bushy, almost Afro-like. Terry Gilliam was in a goofy looking suit with pink sunglasses like the Mike Mattei obsessed fan in the AVDN Texas Chain Saw Massacre video, and everyone collapsed after doing the ritual with him like they were poisoned, and I played along. Then they all started crawling and then climbing up the walls, which were more or less normal height. I started singing the They Might Be Giants song “Climbing the Walls”, and attempted climbing (a bit better than in real life, the door frame (with no door) to the kitchen. The music transitioned to The Who’s “Tattoo,” who were performing in the living room (attached to the dining room) but all alive and looking like they did in the ’60s, the image becoming totally black and white. I was singing along and floating around like I was little more than the camera in a music video, eventually going through residential streets back to muted colors, with a wild, almost noise, rock guitar solo, at which point I woke up. As I recall now this whole thing was preceded by a David Friedman concert in a park in full color–David was in a bold red jacket, and something in certain places on the ground was seemingly generating some of the music, and I was testing the spots like a little kid post-concert before leaving, last seeing David with some friends in the front of the park. I don’t remember the segue, if any, to the next part.

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