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Life In Plastic: Special: The Night Parade of a Hundred Demons

March 18, 2019



“Hey, Rid,” you say. “I like your toy reviews and all, but remember that one time you used toys to talk about obscure mythology? When are you going to do that again?”

How does right now sound?

Japanese religion, mythology, and folklore is different in concept than what most westerners would find familiar. Lots of folks would nod and agree and point to Buddhism, but it goes deeper than that. At its core, traditional Japanese religion combines aspects of Buddhism, Shinto, and animist traditions that predate both of those. The Japanese concept of spirits and spirituality is far removed from the way we categorize things, which is why it can be hard to discuss the Yokai.


Yokai are Japanese… spirits, creatures, ghosts, monsters, goblins, and who-knows-what. All of the above terms apply, but none of them exclusively. A Yokai might be a ghost of a person, or a ghost…

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