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There is No Spoiler

November 1, 2018

Why people who use the spoiler claim are either liars or are mistakenly parroting lies.

Be Freedom


Also find this article at Counterpunch

There is no spoiler.  Its just the machine’s fear of democracy.

Spoiler arguments are part of an interlocking set of social control discourses that too-often govern our thoughts and actions regarding elections and representational democracy.

While “the spoiler” is deployed on the wing of the “lesser of two evils” and “electability/inevitability,” it most resembles corporate-inspired arguments about austerity.

Spoiler arguments are the political analogue to the “austerity” claims enforced so ruthlessly by corporate elites. Under austerity “we are broke.” But, we must add: except for the trillions of dollars in cash that the big corporations and billionaires are sitting on — at the peak of their wealth — in the richest country in the history of the world. This artificial scarcity is then imposed on the people who, the 1% insists, will have to sacrifice their jobs, incomes, pensions, social…

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  1. Yes, you are the spoiler Scott, both in the greens, and in life. You’re a spoiled brat…. You do your 10 hours of $25/hr work, for $250, when you could do another 25 hours of $10/hr work for another $250… but your inner brat can’t figure that out. Plus, your joy in various “climate diaper change” predictions shows your joy in pundits proclaiming the end of civilization. Your proof that “spoiled brats” can be of any income level.

  2. You are another in the huge cult of pessimism… I mean, they can’t predict the weather next week. Phoney computer projects based on fraudulent positive feedback…. B…s forgot that clouds exist to block out the sun…. I’ve looked at clouds that way…. But now they only block the sun… they rain and snow on everyone…. You get the point.

  3. You’re an idiot, Howie. The only thing that’s getting me a home is a steady, reasonable income. $10 an hour is not a steady, reasonable income. It’s also illegally low in both New York City and New York State.

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