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Want a Job with that English Degree?

October 2, 2018

Corrigan Literary Review

If you want to major in English, you might feel some pressure. Folks might warn you against it. Folks might tell you that you can’t get a job with an English degree, might advise you that a “practical” degree is the safe bet in a rough economy, might crack jokes about you working at Starbucks while writing a novel in your parents’ basement.

Now, many college majors are vocational degrees, which do prepare students for specific jobs: nursing, teaching, accounting, counseling, social work, etc. Many people declare these majors because they really want to. They want to study and work in these fields. That’s great, for them.

But what about you? What if you would rather study the humanities or liberal arts? What should you do if you love English—or art, or anthropology, or history, or philosophy—but also want a job?

Well, you could listen to the naysayers, play it safe, and major in something you’re not interested in. If you do, with a little luck (jobs aren’t automatic…

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