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Retaliatory Transfer Confirmed

May 17, 2018

She is not alone in making the allegation of retaliation. Sam J. Miller, a spokesman for Picture the Homeless, an advocacy group led by homeless and formerly homeless people, said three members have recently received transfer orders after criticizing shelter conditions publicly, including in the media. In two cases where shelter providers ordered the transfers, Picture the Homeless contacted the city, which stopped the transfers, he said.

Mine was the one Picture the Homeless proved unable to stop. There are eleven credited authors of The Business of Homelessness: Jermain Abdullah, Llima Berkeley, Cecelia Grant, Arvernetta Henry, Scott Andrew Hutchins, Charmel Lucas, Gordon James Metz, Marcus Moore, Donna Morgan, Jose Rodriguez, and Althea York. At least three of the authors are no longer living in the shelter system. It cannot be coincidence that three of the eight other credited authors received sudden shelter transfers in violation of DHS protocol all in the same week.

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