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An Early Reaction to Misused Minds

April 30, 2018

This is a comment from Debi Clark, whom I met via mediabistro, upon reading my play, Misused Minds: Curse of the Educated Youth. It is dated February 8, 2005, and she granted me permission to post it at the time.

Well Scott I have read it all and it’s taken me a while to write you. I seem to have so many emotions and thoughts I don’t know where to begin. It was extremely painful for me to read, because I can relate so clearly. In my periods of unemployment I personally shut down and like a dog go into self-defense mode, I close myself off drop out of the world socially. It’s like I can only take care of myself and can’t handle anything else. Your play has made me see another persons’ pain at existence and it’s really hard to bear. I think about particular scenes they just seem to pop into my head, and it’s really moving and fills me with anguish at our chance of career survival. It’s like we are just waiting to exhale…one job away from being able to breathe and really inhale. Does that make sense? I don’t even remember when the last time I read a play and don’t think I can speak to anything editorially or technically, but I want you to succeed and don’t know how to help….I am in Chicago, and I really think you should stay in NY, it’s one my career mistakes that I didn’t go there when I had the chance and It’s a regret I have. What do you think?

  1. Johnny permalink

    Scott are you saying that moving to NYC was, in retrospect, actually an awesome career move for you?

    If you hadn’t moved here you never would have been radicalized. Your protest work would never have happened. Sure, others would have taken up the slack, but your infinitesimal effort may turn out to have been the margin of victory over the forces of reaction. When the Revolution happens and the blood of capitalists paints the sidewalks red, how glorious will it be for you to strut inside a beautiful mansion on and magnanimously say, I only need two rooms, with kitchen access and a VCR, and a place to put all my stuff from the storage unit.

    • Considering I was completely stagnant after college in Indianapolis, I have no idea whether it was a good or bad move. Still, a few more years as I was in Indianapolis surely would have radicalized me.

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