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I checked all the registered historical facts and I was shocked into shame to discover …

April 29, 2018

George Rood, the result of this incest, is my 7th great-grandfather…

Sarah Rood (1649 – 1713)
8th great-grandmother
George Rood (1672 – 1744)
son of Sarah Rood
Solomon Rood (1709 – 1756)
son of George Rood
Olive Rood (1747 – 1818)
daughter of Solomon Rood
Asa Hutchins (1780 – 1846)
son of Olive Rood
Clark K. Hutchins (1802 – 1871)
son of Asa Hutchins
Osburne Clark Hutchins (1831 – 1906)
son of Clark K. Hutchins
Frederick Bradley Hutchins (1867 – 1922)
son of Osburne Clark Hutchins
Osburne Amos Hutchins (1902 – 1982)
son of Frederick Bradley Hutchins
James Frederick Hutchins (1941 – 2007)
son of Osburne Amos Hutchins
Scott Andrew Hutchins
You are the son of James Frederick Hutchins

Man vs. Clown!

You’d be amazed what you can find out about your family online now. These days, a good deal of genealogical research is just a mouse click away, whereas in yesteryear, you’d have to troll through dusty census records, amble through cemeteries checking out gravestones, or — God forbid — talk to your grandparents. Thanks to sites such as, I’ve been able to trace a couple of lines on my mother’s side back 16 generations.

My family tree almost underwent a weird grafting only one generation back; my parents split at the same time as the couple across the road did, and my dad later married the woman and my mom lived common-law with her ex-husband for a while, so if they’d made it official, I’d have had a double stepbrother and a double stepsister. But last night marked the first time in which my clicking on Rootsweb’s hypertext…

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