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100% of People Who Consider My Homelessness My Fault Are Fools With No Argument

April 6, 2018


  1. Poor Person: I would have been born into wealth if you weren’t hoarding.

    Conservative: Quit acting entitled to what you haven’t earned.

    Poor Person: How is being born rich earned?

    Conservative: …

    Conservative: My parents earned it.

    Poor Person: Buy YOU didn’t. YOU are lazy.

    Conservative: Not as lazy as you. I work smarter while you work harder.

    Poor Person: You’re right, I do work harder, and you extract the wealth.

    Conservative: You’re paid what you’re worth.

    Poor Person: Minus the value you extract for yourself.

    Conservative: Communist filth!

    Poor Person: Capitalist scum!

  2. Ok, Scott…. time to make your escape….

  3. johnny permalink

    Can you write more posts? You have many fans/

  4. johnny permalink

    Where is the new post!!!???!!

  5. I’ve been busy with a part-time job and volunteer work.

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