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Jack Dorsey Is a Sociopath Who Does Not Understand the Golden Rule

April 5, 2018

It is absolutely impossible for a rational, reasonable human being to see this as targeted harassment, particularly with the way it is contextualized.


  1. Delete the tweet…stop letting your ‘pit creatures’ run around on holiday…..Without love….where would you be now…said the Doobie Bros. Where would you be?

  2. It is deleted, but the bias is implicit. Telling someone to accept a job in which they receive physical abuse and lose money shouldn’t be seen as any different than beating and mugging. If Jack Dorsey doesn’t see this, he is a fool. If you don’t see it, you’re a fool.

    • Oh Scotty, still not working and playing well with the other kids on the playground I see!
      Some people hurt your precious little feelings and you think they should be beaten and mugged. Totally justified I say!

      Everyone but the homeless guy(that’d be you Scotty) is a fool, scum, mouth breathing capitalist filth that deserves to be boiled in oil and skinned alive for daring to challenge the mighty Scott Andrew Hutchins to accept just the slightest bit of responsibility for his lot in life. I mean, he’s got a masters in Film for cryin’ out loud! Money, prestige and respect should just fall out of the sky for his majesty, am I right?

      As I’ve mentioned in the past, there are a few things I can think of that can help, but honestly, it would require you to have an instinct of self preservation, which you so obviously lack. So go ahead, tell me what scum I am, at the end of the day it’s preferable to what you wake up to everday.

      • “Some people hurt your precious little feelings and you think they should be beaten and mugged. Totally justified I say!”

        This is a completely dishonest characterization of the situation, in which others were telling me to take particular jobs that would cause me excruciating pain and a high probability of death, often at a loss, in spite of my disability, so yes, you are scum. Any rational human being could see a direct comparison to beating and mugging, but you’ve made clear you don’t understand basic analogies.

  3. johnny permalink

    Scott how much money do you make from the ads that run on your blog? Maybe if you published more posts you would get more clicks, and thus more money!

    It is actually pretty impressive that you have managed to monetize your blog this way. Keep it up!

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