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Binge Watch Redux

February 26, 2018

Killer Tongue Asked NYPL to buy.
Quick! Before It Melts Asked NYPL to buy.
City of SARS Asked NYPL to buy.
Hard to Be a God (Germany, 1984) Asked NYPL to buy.
The High Crusade Asked NYPL to buy.
Peter Pan (2003)
No Smoking (Anurag Kashyap) Asked NYPL to buy.
Sushi Girl On hold for me now
Star Trek (Abrams)
The City on the Edge of Forever
Star Trek: The Animated Series not at NYPL
Green for Danger
Pistol Opera Not Asked NYPL to buy
The Bushido Blade Not at NYPL. Checked out from BPL, but would not play.
Moonrise Kingdom
Finian’s Rainbow
Dr. Zhivago
The Mission
Mermaid in the Manhole Not at NYPL
Window to Paris Not at NYPL
Ghostbusters (2016)
Captain America
Iron Man
Incredible Hulk [waiting for for months; tryint to watch MCU in release order]
Godzilla vs. Megaguirus Not at NYPL
Demon Pond Asked NYPL to buy both Miike and Shinoda versions.
Scavenger Hunt Asked NYPL to buy
Time Out of Mind
Sadko (Rimsky-Korsakov opera) I was looking for the Kirov one (deleted), found the Bolshoi at NYPL
The Gods Must Be Crazy 3-5 Asked NYPL to buy all five films.
The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie Not at NYPL
The Bride with White Hair 2 Not at NYPL
Falstaff (Verdi opera) with Willard White
[Mario Bava]
Les Misérables (film musical)
Tarzan (Disney)
Pocahontas (Disney)
Terror at Red Wolf Inn Not at NYPL
Funeral Home not at NYPL
Crimson Peak
Trapped Ashes Not at NYPL
[Joe Dante]
Journey to the Center of the Earth (1955)
[Preston Sturges]
Witch Hunter Robin not at NYPL, though I first saw it there
Django Kill Asked NYPL to buy.
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Toy Story 3
Torn Curtain
North by Northwest
Family Plot
Inglorious Basterds
Grindhouse NYPL has Death Proof, not Planet Terror
Jackie Brown
Boxcar Bertha not at NYPL
The Last Waltz
The Amazing Spider-Man
Newsies NYPL has only on Blu-Ray
The Great Gatsby (Luhrmann)
The Journey of Natty Gann Not at NYPL
The Ladykillers (Coen) Not at NYPL
True Grit (Coen)
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Julie & Julia
Win Win
Pound Not at NYPL
Bunker Palace Hotel Not at NYPL
The Music Man (theatrical film)
Princess Yang Kwei Fei Not at NYPL [not currently avaialble]
Portrait of Hell Asked NYPL to buy.
Faust (Murnau)
Woman in the Moon (Lang)
The Blue Light Asked NYPL to buy.
[Tsui Hark]
The Period Not at NYPL
[Errol Morris]
[Werner Herzog]
The New World
[Lucio Fulci]
The Hot Rock Not Asked NYPL to buy.
Island at the Top of the World
In Search of the Castaways Not at NYPL
At the Earth’s Core Not at NYPL
Tammy and the Bachelor Asked NYPL to buy Tammy triple feature.
The Swarm Not Asked NYPL to buy.
[Curtis Harrington]
Son of Dracula Not at NYPL
Werewolf of London Not at NYPL
She-Wolf of London Not at NYPL
He Who Gets Slapped Asked NYPL to buy.
The Gnome-Mobile Asked NYPL to buy.
The Lone Ranger
A Merry War (Keep the Aspidistra Flying) Asked NYPL to buy.

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  1. Hope you are doing well Scott…. very quiet as of late…

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