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Twitter’s Insanity

January 10, 2018

They allow someone like @LauraLoomer (formerly of the fraudulent Project Veritas) directing hate against Muslims on Twitter, but after reading and rereading what Twitter’s Terms of Service say about “targeted harassment,” I can only conclude that they suspended my account for being anti-killer cop. That’s pretty hypocritical for a company that has #BlackLivesMatter painted on its office wall.

2016 was a dumpster fire of a year for Twitter. Abusive language and toxic interaction became the norm across the microblogging site as it saw a dramatic rise in activity from users on the far right and their crystallization into the Alt-Right movement. But for as painful as last year was for the company, 2017 has seen it steadfastly refuse to do little else but pour more gasoline on the flames. The face in the shrubs you see above is one Jason Kessler. You might remember him from the “Unite the Right” rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia this past August. He was not only the event&#8217

via Twitter can’t separate verification from validation — AIVAnet

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