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Meeting Nigel

January 10, 2018

Nigel is the social services director at the shelter and has taken over my case since the departure of my case manager over a month ago.

He is convinced that I am doing something wrong in terms of my applying for work, and that we need to find out what that is.  He isn’t ready to throw up his hands and say, “It’s the economy!” the way so many people “helping” me with my resume have done, but the “blame the victim” mentality on his part was palpable as he asked me irrelevant questions like “drug of choice,” which I answered jokingly, “sugar,” which he proceeded to take seriously.  He also seemed to think my lack of interviews has to do with some sort of undiagnosed mental health issue on my part, a patently illogical belief that would make sense if and only if I were interviewing on a regular basis, which I am not. He wants me to apply for disability again, which just last month Twitter trolls were accusing me of fraud for having done in the past.  He told me to go back to Coalition for the Homeless, where I was unimpressed by Tony Taylor, and to speak to Katie Mack.  I’m not waiting in line in the morning to speak to her via Coalition for the Homeless’s standard first fifty in the morning policy.  If he wants me to speak to her, whom he says can help get me disability, then he needs to get me an appointment.  Otherwise it’s definition of insanity.


  1. 9 interviews, two of which were scams, from 324 job applications. In only one case was the interview for a job with multiple openings. I probably would have gotten that job if Howard Giske hadn’t sabotaged the phone interview I was scheduled to have for the copywriting job that followed it by calling incessantly and draining my phone battery while I was collecting ballot petition signatures. He blames his son for a dozen different voice mails reminding me of the interview, none of which were exactly the same although the content didn’t differ.

  2. No job after seven legitimate interviews seems par in this job market.

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