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Twitter Claims to Have a Transparency Policy. If It Does, They Do Not Enforce It.

January 9, 2018

It seems like Twitter can’t go long before finding itself embroiled in a new controversy about how it applies its conduct policies. And yet it’s hard not to feel a sliver of sympathy in the face of the latest backlash against the ailing company. In suspending Rose McGowan’s account for 12 hours, it might have done the right thing, but in completely the wrong way. The recent aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein revelations saw a number of actors speak out about their experiences with the powerful producer. Rose McGowan has accused the producer of an attack, and is a vocal critic of the wider culture of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood. Using Twitter as a platform, she has spoken to, and about, others in Hollywood who enable such abuse. On October 12th, Twitter suspended McGowan’s account, forcing her to post the news of her suspension on Instagram. The automated message she received explained little — just that her account violate

via Twitter’s opaque thinking fails everyone — AIVAnet


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