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@twitter Has a Far-Right Bias

July 29, 2017

Only an extreme-right site would consider this tweet acceptable and demand as a provision of unlocking my account that I delete a tweet that says “What a proud liar!” with a link to this tweet: “#Capitalism addresses #poverty; socialism diminishes capitalism’s effects and exploits the weakness left in its wake.”

This is the second of five tweets that Twitter has demanded I delete before unlocking my account. The first linked to @VerbotenPublish’s statement that I should submit to torture and called him a “psychopath.” No rational person thinks that it is wrong for me to call someone calling for my torture a “psychopath.” According to an e-mail to me from Twitter on July 23, “We reviewed your report carefully and found that there was no violation of Twitter’s Rules ( regarding abusive behavior” in @VerbotenPublish calling for my torture.

I cannot see the other three tweets that Twitter has decided are harassing until I delete the above tweet. I have contacted Twitter numerous times saying that this is unreasonable censorship, but as this is the weekend, I have yet to get a reply. I have also asked them to restore my first tweet calling @VerbotenPublish a psychopath.

Here is the full thread. He said that since desk jobs haven’t worked out for me, I should look beyond desk jobs despite his having been informed of my medical limitation.

I have also been constantly harassed by strangers who refuse to accept that I am medically limited to a desk job: . They want me in work that, if I could do it at all, would be unsustainable for the length of a shift, and cause insurance problems for a potential employer, hence why @VerbotenPublish suggested a job at which I would not have an employer, collecting bottles. Considering the toll that the door-knocking for petitions to get on the ballot for New York City Council took on my body while using a cane that seemed to give me a cyst in my finger just to make me able to go as long as I did, I have lived their buffoonery.

It is impossible for an ethical person to approve of calling for someone’s torture and call responses of “psychopath” and “liar” “harassment.” I am entirely in the right, and Twitter and @VerbotenPublish are entirely in the wrong. No ethical person disagrees with me on this matter.

Because my Medium account is linked to my Twitter account, I can’t even log into Medium to expand the reach of this blog entry. This is corporate terrorism.


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